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BOYS' DEPARTMENT - continued

After the Head complained of mud up to two inches thick in the yard being carried into school on boots, the yard was asphalted in the summer of 1899, and the summer vacation had to be extended by one week. It was in the summer of 1899 that the neighbouring Sheffield Wednesday ground was opened.


On 12th April 1900 Mr. Chattell left the school. He wrote, "Finished my work in this school today after more than fourteen years of pleasant and comfortable experience."


He was replaced by Mr. Joseph Andrews as Master. His daughter, now 98 years old, remember the family moving into the house at the top of Parkside Avenue. They had travelled from Ecdesfield in a pony and trap and their belongings were transported in a covered wagon.


In Mr. Andrews' first year the football team won the Wednesday shield.

The School was closed for a day in honour of the Relief of Mafeking in the Boer War.


Mr. Andrews frequently complains in the log book about the heating system and the ventilation. Because of poor ventilation in the hot weather, several children left the class­rooms sick with the hot and stagnant atmosphere. The school seemed to be too hot or too cold. Many of the windows were fitted with opaque glass, and the poor light meant the gas had to be lit. When the windows were opened, parents complained about their children catching cold.


On 28th October 1901 Morlcy Street (now Rivelin) School was opened and 21 children left the school.


With the extension of the Sheffield boundary on 1st November 1901, the school came under the jurisdiction of the Sheffield School Board. However, in the following year the Boards were abolished, and the schools came under the jurisdiction of the Council. The school then became known as Hillsborough Council School.


Woodwork classes were held at Morley Street from 1902, though Hillsborough parents complained about the distance the children had to walk.          


The school was enlarged in 1901 when there were 437 boys. Some 256 children had been admitted in the last year. Two classes had to be accommodated in Room 4, On 12th July 1905 the King and Queen visited Sheffield to open the University. Hillsborough scholars assembled in the Wicker to watch the procession.


Swimming awards were distributed in the school from 1907. Medical inspections of school children date from this time.


In June 1910 a Pageant of Schoolchildren visited Bramall Lane to celebrate the Coronation of King Edward V.


In those days children did not automatically move up to the new class each year, but promotion was dependent on reaching a certain standard. Thus in Standard 3 (1910) there were;

9 children                  (age 8-9)

14 children                (age 9-10)

21 children                (age 10-11)

4 children                  (age 11-12)

3 children                  (age 12-13)

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