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Helen Polakova, a Russian girl with the Bertram Mills circus, came into school to talk about her experiences in September.


In October, free milk was given to the nine girls who were receiving free meals. By 1935 there were 236 girls in the school, class sizes ranging from 41 to 46.


In 1936 the galleries were removed from all remaining classrooms. King George V died in that year, and a service was held in school. Suitable recitations helped to fix the girls' minds upon the quiet goodness of the King, Chopin's Funeral March was played, and recitations were made.


In 1938 the School listened to the radio to hear about the launch of the ship "Queen Elizabeth". Standards 6 and 7 listened to the broadcast summary of the Prime Minister's statement to the House of Commons on the Czechoslovakian situation. On the following day a room was taken over for fitting of gas masks.


A report by the H.M.I.'s in April 1939 found there were 276 pupils. "They are well behaved and courteous and they are clearly receiving valuable training in self respect."


With the onset of War the school was closed from September, and the Home Service began. Later the girls began to attend Marlcliffe Road School in the afternoons.


In December 1939, Miss Chappell left to become Head of Longley North School. In April 1940 Miss A, M, Jones became Head.


After the Blitz of 12th - 13th December the few children who arrived at school were sent home.


Miss Jones was to retire in March 1941 after less than a year at the school. She was replaced by Miss L. Cottam. School Dinners brought from Shirecliffe, were to commence on the 22nd September, and on the first day 85 children and five staff stayed.


Because some children had been evacuated there were only 189 children in school by 1943. Miss Payne had Seniors 2 and 3-with 50 children, Miss Griffiths had Seniors 1 and 2 with 44 children, Miss Merriman had Juniors 4 and Seniors 1 with 52 Children, and Miss Reynolds had Juniors 2 and 3 with 43 children.


In June 1944 a wounded soldier visited the school in connection with "Salute the Soldier Week". Money was raised to support the wounded. Sixteen evacuees from London were to be admitted into the school in August 1944.


The May Day Ceremonies were to continue right through the War period. The May Queens crowned were Jean Nicholson, Jessie Hoyle, Barbara Shaw, Enid Hibberd, Sheila Humpherson, Joyce Staniland and Patricia Wilkinson.


The H.M.I. Report of 1944 found "the tradition of good work maintained and advanced and full use being made of the two playgrounds and Infants' Hall."


On the 20th November 1947 the school was closed on the occasion of the wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten.


Hillsborough Class Photo c1920s, 1924 & 1948

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