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In April 1948 a new temporary building (H.O.R.S.A. hut) for 14 - 15 year olds was made ready for use. (This building is still in existence in 1984.) In October a handicraft centre was opened in the Boys' playground.


Outside visits became more established during this period. In 1949 visits were made to Simpkins Chemists, Batchelors and Bassetts, Pickering Cardboard Box Company and to the City Hall to listen to the Halle Orchestra.


The Queen visited Sheffield in October 1954 and a Rally was held for Sheffield schoolchildren. Apart from Jl and J2, who were given a holiday, the rest attended the Rally at the Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground.


In 1955 Mrs. S. Gilmour, the School Pianist, crowned Pauline Hurt as May Queen. Mrs. Gilmour started at the school in 1948 and was not to retire until 1983.


The H.M.I, Report of 1955 found accommodation very inadequate. The school had six classrooms in the main building, a H.O.R.S.A. unit built in 1948 and the use of a class­room in the infant department. Use was also made of the ground floor of a dwelling house in Parkside Road. There was no hall, but the Infants' Hall was used by the Girls' Department. The only additional room was taken over by the Head, so there was no Staff room.


There were four wash basins with cold water. Both staff and pupils’ lavatory accommodation was outside and was frozen at the time of the inspection so water had to be carried out in pails to flush the toilet basins. One cloakroom had been adapted as a scullery and the remaining one was inadequate.  The senior girls used the Housecraft Centre in the boys' playground.


It was found 38% took up clerical work on leaving school, 24% became shop assistants and 20% found employment in local warehouses.


There had been many changes in staff (1950 — 1955) and only three members of staff had been at the school over 18 months.


Reflecting new thoughts on education, the H.M.I.'s thought there should be more emphasis on learning than on instructing, and the girls should be trained to observe and record for themselves.


French was taught to the S4, but it was so short a course that "linguistic facility cannot be the goal but there is a useful opportunity for widening general interest."  There were 302 girls in the school — 164 juniors and 138 seniors.  On the 23rd July 1957 a Sports' Day was held on the Athletics track in Hillsborough Park.


In April 1958,118 children were transferred to Chaucer with teachers, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Ramsbottom, and Mrs. Searle along with Domestic Science teacher, Miss Slack and Mrs. Blackburn, part-time Music Specialist. Thus Hillsborough School ceased to function as a Secondary School.


The four junior forms of girls and the four junior forms of boys were to be amalga­mated creating a Hillsborough Junior Mixed School. Miss Cottam, who had been Head of the Girls' Department, became Head of this new school.



1958 - 1984


Miss Cottam postponed the mixing of the classes until September 1958, although the boys and girls mixed for two morning assemblies and school dinners.


In September 232 children were formed into six classes. Three classes of J1 and J2 were housed in the Boys' Department and three classes of J3 and J4 in the Girls' Department.


On the 27th February 1959 Miss Cottam attended the official opening of the Chaucer Secondary Modern School.


Occasional holidays were taken on 26th February 1960 on the occasion of the birth Of Prince Andrew (born 19th February) and on the 6th May for the wedding of H.R.H. Princess Margaret. Some modernisation of the school was started in 1960 by Drabble and Sons. This involved the separate building which had been used for many years as a Special School and the old boys' building. The Head's room was converted into cloakrooms with washbasins, and a new room for the Headteacher was created from the Infants' cloakroom. Corridors were built to link the separate buildings.

In September 1962 Mr. A. Hughes (who was later to become Head) came to the school taking a class of 36 J3 children.


Miss Cottam retired in December 1963, and was replaced as Head by Mr. B. J. Fowler, The school had 233 children and five staff. This number was soon to rise as the Winn Garden Estate was built in 1964. December 1964 saw the first publication of the School Magazine, "The Owl".


Mr. Hughes left Hillsborough in July 1965 to take up a P.E, post at Bradway Junior School.

On the 22nd March 1966, the school had its television installed.


In September 1966, Mr. N. Plows became Deputy Head replacing Mr. H. E. Taylor. During that year the J4's were shown round the Hillsborough football ground on the occasion of the World Cup matches coming to Sheffield.

Mrs. Woollen, the School Secretary, was appointed on the 6th September 1966 and is our longest serving member of staff.


In 1968 the last 11+ examination was held. In September of that year there were 327 children in nine classes. Miss Z. Lunney arrived in that month, and is the longest serving teaching member of staff.


In January 1969, new Dining Rooms and Kitchens were opened, remodelled from the Craft and Home Economics areas. On 23rd October 1970 Mrs. Locking, the School's General Assistant, was appointed, commencing her duties on the 9th November.


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