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Centennial Booklet 1884 - 1984



In this Centenary Year of Hillsborough School, it is my pleasure as Head-teacher of the Middle School to introduce this booklet, which provides a record of the School during the past hundred years.

The Hillsborough Board School was officially opened by the Chairman of the Ecdesfield School Board on 7th July 1884, New extensions were opened on the 14th March 1892 allowing the boys and girls from the age of seven or eight to be educated separately. Separate extensions were opened in 1901 so that the total maximum accommo­dation was 1,320 pupils.


Much of the information for this booklet comes from log books, which headteachers in the past were compelled to keep. Grateful thanks are offered to all those ex-pupils whose memories have also been included, and to those who have offered photographs.


The school has made an important contribution to the education service in Sheffield. Thousands of children have passed through its doors, many of whom have dispersed to different parts of the world. Many developments have taken place over its history, reflect­ing the changes which have affected both education and society.


On its hundredth birthday one should like to thank everyone who in any way has contributed to its history. As the school moves into its second century, it is hoped it will continue to strive to maintain its high standards.


The reputation of the school is the reward for the devotion of staff and children It is hoped you will find interest in this simple story of a much loved school.


Malcolm Kemp




Hillsborough takes its name from Hillsborough Hall which was built by the Steade family in the late eighteenth century (1779). It was so named as a tribute to a friend of the Steade family, Lord Downshire, who lived in Hillsborough, County Down in Ireland.


However, it was not until the second half of the nineteenth century that the Hillsborough area began to be developed. Before that time there were a few cottages around the Owlerton Green area and some larger houses standing in parkland such as Hillsborough Hall, Burrowlee House and Wadsley Hall.


Development took place around Burrowlee and Broughton roads in the 1860's so that by 1889 Hillsborough was described as "a large and increasing suburb of Sheffield" in Kelly's Directory.


The Willis, Wynyard and Dorothy Road area was developed in the 1890's and 1900's.


To serve this rapidly growing community, a number of services were developed. A horse drawn tram route was completed in 1877 and the Hillsborough Board School on Parkside Road was opened in 1884. Several churches were built - the Wesleyan Chapel 1875, Owlerton St. John the Baptist Church 1876, Owlerton Methodist Church 1878 and the Baptist Chapel 1895. The Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground was opened in 1899. Hillsborough Library, situated in the old Hillsborough Hall, was opened in 1906.


In 1901, when the Hillsborough area was added to the city of Sheffield, its population was 24,023.





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