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The detached stone building in the school grounds, built at the turn of the century, was used as an extension of the Infant School.


From the 1930's this building became a Special School providing an education for children from a much wider area. It was felt that some children found it difficult to keep up with their peers, and thus might give up the struggle altogether or disrupt the whole class. Instead of enjoying school many of these children were unwilling pupils.


Special schools were formed with small classes of children and with teachers whose job it was to encourage them to learn at their own pace.

About 1960 the building ceased to be used as a Special School.


Part of the building was taken over by the Speech Therapy and Child Guidance Department. Since there were no Dining Rooms (these were completed from the Home Economics and Craft areas in 1969) part of the block was used as a Dining Room. Trestle tables were set up in the western half of the block on which the children ate their lunches. Mr. Hughes recalls that as a teacher from 1962 - 1965 he had to fold down the tables so he could do a Physical Education Lesson.


From September 1973 the complete building was used by the Middle School, as the Child Guidance Unit was moved away from Hillsborough.








Mrs. Evelyn Paling (nee Rich)


Mrs. Paling was born in 1890 and remembers the school from the mid nineties. She remembers Headteachers, Mrs. Matthews and Miss Baldock. She was one of 10 children and remembers having a number of Friday afternoons off school to help her mother with the washing and generally looking after the other children. At the time she lived on Minto Road. She left school in 1903 at the age of 13. She remembers being caned on the knuckles for not knowing something. Her elder sister went up to the school to complain.


She was in the first group of children to move into the new detached building (first classroom on the right). Miss Bramall was her teacher. She also remembers Mr. Mount who was the caretaker. She has lived on Dykes Hall Road for 50 years.


Mrs. Gladys Harlow (nee Jennett)


Mrs. Harlow was born on the 5th June 1890, She was one of nine children and lived at 96, Leader Road before moving to Middlewood Road.


She started school in 1894 and was allowed to take her younger sister who was only two at the time. She remembers saying her prayers, learning her A, B, C and playing Ring o' Roses. She dressed in a velvet dress with a lace collar. Among the other girls she re­members are Winnie Jones, Jessie Turvey, Amy Bird and Edith Goodall


She described the school as "one big happy family She left the school at the age of 15 (late for those days) to work at Dixon's Silver-ware factory.


After 25 years in America living with her daughter she has now returned to live on Bradfield Road.


Mr. Harold Adams 1913 - 1922


Mr, Adams remembers the time when he was in Standard 7 and 8. These standards were in one class and its teacher was Mr. Oscar Poole, who eventually left Hillsborough School to become the Head of Burton Street.


When Mr. Adams left school in 1922 he received a Certificate of Merit Standard 8 in Arithmetic, Reading, Composition (including Handwriting and Spelling), Geography, History, English, Practical Science and Handwork (Wood and Metal).


Mr. Oscar Poole was the landlord of some property in Bickerton Road, and Mr. Adams remembers being sent to collect the rents on a Friday.


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