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In the third year we used to go across to Hillsborough Park to play rounders, base­ball and other games. We used to do P.T. (not P.E.) in our vests tucked into our knickers, but it didn't matter because we were all girls. We used to do Domestic Science in the Pre-fab at the Leppings Lane end of the school.


We were always being reminded about crossing the road especially at the top end of the school. It was in this class that we heard the sad news that a girl in our class had been killed on this crossing. She was a nice girl. She was always quite sensible but must have crossed the road carelessly and was knocked down by a motorist. It was a terrible day when we lined up on the pavement as the hearse drove slowly by, I used to be in the Girl Guides at Wadsley Bridge and my friend Elizabeth Housley used to be in the Hillsborough Trinity Company. When it was "Thinking Day" we both tried to summon up enough courage to go along to Miss Cottam's office to ask if we could come to school in our Girl Guides uniform. We were terrified, as girls only visited her office for Reading Tests and to have the cane if we were in trouble. The Headmistress never shouted but really gave us a good talking to and threatened to expel us, which was the worst possible thing anyone could have done to them.


Hillsborough was really two schools, the top end was for boys and the bottom for girls and never the twain would meet except for the end of term dance. We used to get house points, I was in Sandringham House (Green), In Needlework we made a hat for Domestic Science and embroidered the letters H.S.G. on the front.


We were never allowed to wear nail varnish, jewellery, stockings or shoes with heels and after being warned three times by the teacher you had to go "down the corridor" to the Headmistress for the cane. Although we were nervous of her she was very kind but aloof.


In the 4th and last year we were taught by Mrs. Wilkinson, strict but helpful.


I remember that when it had snowed the boys always seemed to get out of school before us and they used to pelt us with snowballs.


We were told that the school was to have a uniform and we were to help design a school badge in An class. Although the school seemed to be buzzing with excitement about having a uniform I couldn't help but feel cheated because I would soon be leaving. We started to learn French and Algebra, which unfortunately seemed a bit like Chinese to me. I could never seem to get answers from X Y and Z, I was glad to be leaving.


We also started to have ballroom dancing classes in preparation for the dreaded school leaving dance with the boys.


The morning after the school dance, which was held after school hours until 9.00 p.m., we had to tour the school and bid farewell to all our teachers and then finally to Miss Cottam's office. They all wished us well. I remember Mrs, Wilkinson telling me that I would be all right in the outside world if only I would have more confidence in myself.



Our School Today by Deborah Home M4 —1984


There are two main schools on the site, they are the Nursery First School where the Headteacher is Miss Staton and the Middle School where Mr. Kemp is Head.


The School House is used by the Home Service. Some 12 teenagers attend this School.


The main building is shared between the two schools. The Middle School also uses the stone-built extension and a mobile unit. The stone building is used by the M4 classes, and other classes use it for Art and Craft, Cookery, Science and Music. The mobile building is used by the M3 classes. There are also some H.O.R.S.A. huts used as dining rooms and a games room.


Children start going to Nursery at the age of three and then move up to the First School at the age of five. At the age of eight they transfer to our school. At the age of 12 they go to Comprehensive School.


At the moment there are 194 children in our school, and they are split into nine classes with 20 to 24 children in each class.  We have a wide range of subjects -- we do English, Maths, Science, Art and Craft, Religious Education, Games, P.E. and Dance, Swimming and Social Studies.


We do extra activities such as Soccer, Rounders, Netball, Athletics, Badminton and Cricket. There are teams for most of these activities and we have matches against other schools. There are musical activities such as choir, recorders, guitar and clarinet. There are also clubs for Chess, Scrabble, Table Tennis and Folk Singing.


Recently our school has acquired a computer and now we have a computer club so four children use it each day in the lunchtime club.


We go on lots of visits, In September 35 children spent a week at Thornbridge Hall-Other visits have been arranged to Mayfield Environmental Studies Centre and Wilkin Hill. In May nine children are going to France for five days. We hold concerts and special services  for example, Harvest and Christmas.


We raised some money to buy a minibus. The rest was paid for by the police and the Variety club of Great Britain. It is used for school visits and sports teams.


Every year we produce a school magazine. It is written by the children. We write about school trips and write stories to put into it.


All M2, M3 and M4 classes go swimming. We do distance and personal survival awards at Hillsborough Baths.


Our times of school are 8.55 a.m, to 12.00 noon and then 1.05 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. We have six weeks holiday in Summer, two weeks at Easter, Whitsuntide and Christmas and one week in February and late October.


Our school dinners cost 48p and are free for those children whose parents are unemployed. Those on free meals in Ml, M2 and M3 can also have free milk each day.


We have a School Association and events are organized such as Disco, Beetle Drives, Bingo and Spring Fayre.


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