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Hillsborough Infants’ / First School

1884-1893     Miss I .B. Smith        

1893-1897     Mrs Matthews        

1897-1923     Miss F. Baldock      

1923-1941     Miss H. Armitage    

1941-1951     Miss M. Barton        

1951 1963     Miss E. Leesley        

1963-1968     Miss W. Bonnett      

1968-1982     Mrs L. Porter            

1982-            Miss M. Staton         


Hillsborough Boys’ & Girls School (Seniors)


1884-1885     Mr R. Fewkes          

1885-1892     Mr W. Chattell         


Hillsborough Boys’ School


1892-1900     Mr W. Chattell     

1900-1915     Mr J. Andrews     

1915-1928     Mr G. Cooper       

1928-1938     Mr E. Hilton        

1938-1950     Mr E. Kaye          

1950-1958     Mr Fitzpatrick    


Hillsborough Girls’ School


1892-1895     Miss M.E.A. Taylor

1895-1919     Miss Carr               

1919-1928     Miss Turner 

1928-1934     Miss M. Cole

1934-1939     Miss D. Chappell

1940-1941     Miss A.M. Jones

1941-1958     Miss Cottam


Junior/Middle School


1958-1963     Miss Cottam

1963-1979     Mr B. Fowler

1979-1983     Mr A. Hughes

1983-            Mr M.D. Kemp

















Sheffield and Rotherham Independent Tuesday 8th July 1884


"Yesterday afternoon the Hillsborough Board Schools — the first schools erected by the Ecclesfield School Board — were formally opened by Mr, George Dawson.


The Ecclesfield School Board was formed a little over two years since, and their inquiries showed that whilst the area over which they had jurisdiction was fairly well supplied with voluntary schools, the districts of Hillsborough and Wincobank were in need of further accommodation, many of the children from the former place, having to attend schools within the borough of Sheffield. After careful consideration, the board decided to erect schools at Hillsborough and an eligible piece of land was obtained opposite Hills-borough Park and a contract entered into in June 1883 with Mr. W, Smith of Russell Street, Sheffield and the erection of schools designed to accommodate 600 children from Hillsborough, Owlerton and Wadsley Bridge. The schools, which were formally opened yesterday, are of substantial character without any attempt at elaborate decoration.


There are two separate buildings of Thornsett stone with Grenoside ashlar; the one for infants and the other for the mixed school whilst in the rear is an extensive playground and playshed and caretaker's house.


The mixed school affords accommodation for 350 children and comprises a large room in the centre 55 ft. 6 ins. by 20 ft. with four classrooms two at each end 30 ft, by 20 ft. but these can be enlarged at will (being divided by revolving shutters) so as to form one large room at each end 60 ft. by 20 ft. There are also ample cloakrooms and lavatories, and there is a separate entrance to each room so as to avoid confusion.


The infant school is similar in design but on a smaller scale being built for 250 children only. The centre room is 40 ft. by 18 ft. with four classrooms 18 ft. by-8 ft. capable of enlargement in the same manner as those in the mixed school.


The whole of the interior fittings are of pitch pine, stained and varnished, and a dado of the same material produces a good effect in the rooms.

The site purchased by the Board contains an area of 11,827 sq.yds. and cost £1, 255, but it is estimated that reserving some 1800 yds. for the contingencies of further enlarge­ment, the board will be able to sell about 4000 sq.yds. of land for building purposes, which will reduce the cost considerably.


Mr. Smith's contract for the building was £3919 and together the schools, including land, fittings etc. cost £5745 12s. 3d. equal to £9 10s. per head of the accommodation provided, but reckoning only the proportion of the site occupied this is reduced to £7 10s. per head.


The buildings will be warmed with hot water, the apparatus being supplied by Messrs. Newton Chambers and Co. of Thorncliffe. It allows each room to be dealt with as required; in addition fireplaces have been provided in each room, whilst special attention has been paid to the ventilation.


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