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APPENDIX B - Continued


The buildings were designed by Mr. Wilson and Mr. Cartwright has acted as Clerk of Works.


The following were sub contractors:


Messrs. Hawley Bros., Penistone (joiner)

Mr. Cullabine, Sheffield (plumber) Messrs.

Hodkin and Jones, Sheffield (plasterers)

Mr. Jenkinson, Sheffield (slate)

Mr. Watkins, Meadow Hall (painter)


[t is only fair to say that the contractors have carried out their work in an admirable manner and to the entire satisfaction of the Board.]


At the opening ceremony yesterday -


Mr. George Dawson presided and was supported by;


the Rev. H. Holmes (Wadsley),

the Rev. John Julian (Wincobank),

Mr. Alf Bridge,

Mr. W. W. Wood,

Mr. Ranley,

Mr. Froggatt,

Mr. J. Hobson

Mr. T. H. Bagley (clerk).




From the "Sheffield and Rotherham Independent"

Monday 7th July 1884


Ecclesfield School Board - Hillsborough School

Wanted a male certificated assistant Teacher in the Mixed Department. Salary 60 per annum engagement to commence immediately.


Reproduced by courtesy of the Sheffield Morning Telegraph.




                                                                                                                              APPENDIX C



Sheffield and Rotherham Independent Wednesday 16th March 1892


Yesterday afternoon the new girls' department at the Hillsborough Schools, erected by the Ecclesfield School Board was declared open by Mr. J. D. Leader, ex-Chairman of the Sheffield School Board. The providing of further accommodation has for some time been necessary owing to the rapidly increasing population of the neighbourhood.


The school has been erected according to plans prepared by Mr. G. A. Watson, architect, Hartshead, Sheffield. The building consists of one large schoolroom but there is a partition so that it can be used as two classrooms. In addition there are four classrooms as well as a room for the headteacher.


There is accommodation for 350 pupils. In one of the rooms is an open fireplace, which at any time can be fitted with a cooking stove should the School Board decide to have cookery lessons.


The building is heated throughout by hot water on the low-pressure system, the system being provided by Messrs. Newton Chambers and Co. The woodwork is of pitch pine.


The school furniture is supplied by Messrs. Pearson and Brown of Penistone and the building contract has been in the hands of Mr. Harrison, Cavendish Street, Sheffield.


At the opening of the school yesterday afternoon, in addition to Mr. Leader, there were present Mr. A. M. Chambers, Chairman of the Ecclesfield School Board, vice president Mr. J. Hobson, Mr. J. Hawley, Mr. G. Greaves, Mr. Habershon and Mr. Drake, members of the board Mr. T. H. Bingley, clerk, Mr. G. A. Wilson, architect, Mr. A. Ridge and a number of parents.


The mixed department had been built to accommodate 350 children but on the books there were something like 495.


The infant department was also overcrowded and it was therefore decided that the right thing to do was to make an enlargement.


At the Hillsborough School there was accommodation for 350 in the boys' department, 350 in the girls' department and 250 in the infants' department.


The cost of the girls' department was 3335. Besides, a master's house had been erected and this had cost about 500.


Reproduced by courtesy of the Sheffield Morning Telegraph.






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