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Sports & Recreation

English Football
Information on Football teams and leagues in Sheffield & Hallamshire.  Including Ecclesfield Red Rose etc.

Sheffield Wednesday
Official website of the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

Sheffield United
Official website of the Sheffield United Football Club.

BBC Sports
South Yorkshire Sports Listings.

Sheffield and South Yorkshire Sports
Here you will find links to the local professional teams and to sites which are both official and unofficial in support, local clubs - junior and senior, and to places where you may participate in sporting activities.

Sheffield Football Club
One of the world's first football clubs and is the oldest documented and still-existing club to now play football, having been founded in 1857. Sheffield FC's nickname is 'The Club' or 'The Dinosaurs' and is considered to be the oldest football club in the world. See also more information on Sheffield F.C.

Hallam Football Club
Founded in 1860, they are the second oldest football club in the world. Hallam still play on their original ground, Sandygate Road, which is officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as "The Oldest Ground in the World". In 1861 Hallam first played the Sheffield Club in a local derby which is still contested today.

Yorkshire Old Boys
The Yorkshire Old Boys League is an amateur competitive football league based in England, consisting primarily (but not exclusively) of old boys clubs for local schools, some of whom field as many as six teams in the league. The league has a total of seven divisions, the highest of which is the Yorkshire Old Boys League Senior A Division, which sits at level 14 of the English football league system. It is a feeder to the West Riding League.  See the official Yorkshire Old Boys site.

Sheffield Steelers - Hockey
Official website for the Sheffield Steelers Hockey Team.

Historical Children's Games
Collection of favourite games British children played in Old England and are still playing today.

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