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Sheffield History

A history of Sheffield
A brief history of Sheffield through the centuries with links to other surrounding area, by Tim Lambert.

British History Online - Sheffield
SHEFFIELD (St. Peter), a borough and parish, and the head of a union, partly in the N., but chiefly in the S., division of the wapentake of Strafforth and Tickhill, W. riding of York. This place, which is of great antiquity, derived its name, originally Sheaffield, from its situation on the Sheaf, near the confluence of that river with the Don. During the heptarchy, it formed part of the large manor of Hallam, which, though subsequently dismembered, and deprived of its jurisdiction, gave name to a still more extensive territory called Hallamshire, of which the limits are not accurately defined, but of which the district now forming the parish of Sheffield was the principal portion. At the Conquest, this district appears to have been divided among three Saxon lords, of whom Earl Waltheof, who married Judith, niece of the Conqueror, was suffered to retain possession of his lands.  See also their main website for additional British History Online.

Timeline of Sheffield History
Timeline of notable events in the history of Sheffield with a particular focus on the events, people or places covered by Wikipedia.

Special Collections, Newspapers
A collection of late 18th. and early 19th. century local newspapers available in the University of Sheffield Main Library.

History of St Vincent's in Sheffield
In 1846, the flight of the emigrants escaping from a starving and heavily-oppressed Ireland started and was accelerated by the Potato Famine.  A great number of the Irish arriving by way of Liverpool settled in the western seaport towns, others continued an easterly journey to Prescot, St. Helen's, Warrington and further to Salford and Manchester. At the time, the cutlery and tool industries in the Sheffield area were developing prosperously as a consequence of the recent Industrial Revolution.  There was obviously work to be had and this, over the next few years, undoubtedly attracted those immigrants who ventured over the Pennine hills and, with only very few exceptions, the immigrants arriving in the Sheffield area at these times had walked all the way from the Liverpool docks where they had disembarked. 

History of Walkley in Sheffield

Laws & Acts                                    << Back to Top >>

Poor Laws
The origins of parochial poor relief extend back at least as far as the fifteenth century.  Legislation prior to this point largely dealt with beggars and vagabonds. In the aftermath of the Black Death (1348-9) labour was in short supply and wages rose steeply.  This site provides detailed information on the Old and New Poor Laws including Poor Rate, Badging the Poor, Bastardy Orders, Farming the Poor and much more.

Historical Acts of Parliament
Very interesting website for transcripts of Various Acts of Parliament of Interest to the Genealogist by Guy Etchells including; He is a Bastard that is born before the Marriage of his Parents (1235), an Act for the better preventing of clandestine Marriages (1753 Lord Hardwicke’s Act), an Act for granting to his Majesty a Stamp-duty on the Registry of Burials, Marriages, Births, and Christenings (1783), an Act for better regulating and preserving Parish and other Registers of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials in England (28th June 1812 Rose’s Act) and much more!

Living & Working Conditions                                    << Back to Top >>

The Iron District of Staffordshire
The Remaining Branches of Industry - "He who is once a grinder falls into despair, as though he had sold himself to the devil. Education in Sheffield is upon a very low plane; a clergyman, who had occupied himself largely with the statistics of education, was of the opinion that of 16,500 children of the working-class who are in a position to attend school, scarcely 6,500 can read. This comes of the fact that the children are taken from school in the seventh, and, at the very latest, in the twelfth year, and that the teachers are good for nothing; one was a convicted thief who found no other way of supporting himself after being released from jail than teaching school! Immorality among young people seems to be more prevalent in Sheffield than anywhere else."

The Condition of the Working-Class in England
The Condition of the Working-Class in England in 1844 (by Frederick Engels c. 1845).

Industrial England
Industrial England 1776-1851 By Dorothy Marshall

Housing in Urban Britain

Children in Care 1881 - 1918          
Hidden Lives Revealed focuses on the period 1881-1918, and includes unique archive material about poor and disadvantaged children cared for by The Waifs and Strays' Society. The Society cared for children across England and Wales - in both the densest urban conurbations and some of the smallest rural villages. The Waifs and Strays' Society looked after about 22,500 children between its foundation in 1881 and the end of World War One. The Waifs and Strays' Society became the Church of England Children's Society in 1946 and is now known as The Children's Society.

Children in Victorian Sheffield          
This learning journey looks at children in the industrial revolution and the working conditions of children in Victorian Sheffield. Thousands of children were employed in the steel and cutlery industries and in 1862 a Royal Commission investigated the conditions in the factories where children worked.

Hospitals, Workhouses, Orphanages & Schools
Sheffield Indexers collections of links to information on Sheffield Hospitals, Workhouses, Orphanages & Schools and more.

History of Human Rights in Europe
Information on the history of human rights in Europe. 

Trades, Directories & Unions
Sheffield indexers collections of the links to workers Trades, Unions and Directories including links for Master Cutlers, Mayors and Lord Mayors of Sheffield, Coal Miners, Sheffield Steelworks and more. 

Sheffield Outrages
Sheffield's early success in steel production had involved long working hours, in desperately unpleasant conditions which offered little or no safety protection.  See also Chartism.

Chartism in Sheffield
Searchable database of Chartists who risked their freedom, and sometimes their lives, because of their participation in the Chartist cause.  See Search.

Historical Land & Buildings                                    << Back to Top >>

More information on Sheffield
See also information on Barker's Pool, Castle Square, Cultural Industries Quarter, Devonshire Quarter, Fargate, Fitzalan Square, The Moor and Riverside Exchange.

History of Sheffield Castle and Markets
History of Sheffield Markets from 1296 through to 1996.  Also an historical description of Sheffield as a market town from Old Towns, Sheffield Yorkshire.

Enclosures / Inclosure Act
There were a number of UK Acts of Parliament, which enclosed common land (see also open field system) in the country. This meant that the rights that people once held, to graze animals on these areas when not planted by crops, were now being denied. Common usage is enclosure, but this is not the name of the acts.  Inclosure Acts for small areas had been passed sporadically since the 12th century but the vast majority of them were passed between 1750 and 1860. See samples of private and personal acts of Parliament.

Inclosure / Enclosure Awards
List of local enclosures including; Attercliffe & Darnall, Sheffield, Ecclesall, Brightside and Bradfield.

Attercliffe Poor Relief Rate 1811
Sheffield Indexers list of Poor Relief Rate Assessment for the Township of Attercliffe cum Darnall 29th December 1811 - in progress.

Domesday Book  
A great land survey from 1086, commissioned by William the Conqueror to assess the extent of the land and resources being owned in England at the time, and the extent of the taxes he could raise. The information collected was recorded by hand in two huge books, in the space of around a year.  See also Domesday Book FAQs.  Planning for the surveys was conducted in 1085 to cover six 'circuits'.

South Yorkshire Sites & Monuments
The Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) holds information on the known archaeological sites and finds in South Yorkshire. Details of over 5000 sites have already been recorded and work is continuing to add even more. Monuments recorded in the SMR can be of any form or period.

Historical Manuscripts, Deeds & More
This is a collection of descriptions of historical documents taken mainly from online auction catalogues, arranged by county. including; the Channel Islands, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, USA, Welsh counties and another page for military items. Most of the documents are indentures or other property related documents such as conveyances, mortgages, leases etc. Other documents include wills, bibles, letters, commonplace books etc. Many of these documents are sold into private hands and the information they contain is lost to researchers. In the process many collections of documents and bundles of deeds are broken up and the collective information they contain lost forever. [by Mike Durtnall]

Housing in Urban Britain          
Housing in Urban Britain, 1780-1914 By Richard Rodger

Buildings and Structures in Sheffield
Constructed over a time-span ranging from the 13th century to the present day. However, the majority of the city's older buildings were built during the Industrial Revolution.

Looking at Buildings - Sheffield
An educational resource created by the Pevsner Architectural Guides - Work is underway to research and record the city's buildings.

Yorkshire Historical Buildings & Places to Stay
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to Historical Buildings & Places to Stay in Yorkshire.

Sheffield Flood                                    << Back to Top >>

The Great Flood at Sheffield - 1864
Has photographs, maps, and a full-text version of Samuel Harrison's 'A Complete History of the Great Flood of Sheffield'. 

Sheffield Flood Claims Archive
Site identifies three types of claims in the Sheffield Flood; Damage to Property, Injury to People, Loss of Life.

London News - Sheffield Disaster
The Illustrated London News magazine article relating to the Sheffield Flood of 1864.

Sheffield Flood of June 25, 2007 [BBC]
"Hundreds of people have fled their homes in three villages in South Yorkshire amid fears a dam is about to burst after torrential rain. Engineers are trying to reinforce the wall holding back the Ulley reservoir near Rotherham after cracks appeared. A 68-year-old man and a teenage boy died in separate incidents in Sheffield and a 28-year-old man was killed after becoming stuck in a drain in Hull. Elsewhere weather conditions are easing after severe flooding across England. Sheffield remained virtually cut off from the rest of the country as the transport infrastructure all but ground to a halt. Bus and rail services are severely disrupted and many major roads are closed....More from the BBC>>

War Memories                                    << Back to Top >>

Sheffield Blitz
The name given to the worst nights of bombing in Sheffield during WW II.

The Marples Tragedy (Sheffield Blitz, 1940)
There are poignant tales and memories of the Blitz from all over Sheffield, but most locals would agree that one incident has taken on a symbolic significance. At least 70 people were killed by a single bomb that night, as they sheltered in the cellars of the Marples Hotel in Fitzalan Square See also personal accounts of the night in Death at Marples by Chris Hobbs.

Old Sheffield Gallery         
Some old photos of Marples before and after the Sheffield Blitz.  Some more recent photos also.

South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum         
Forrmer site of WWII RAF Doncaster. Exhibits include: Sheffield Blitz Exhibition, Military Aircraft collection from propeller training aircraft to Mach 2 Jet fighters, Historic 60 year old RAF buildings including Bellman aircraft hangar and authentic wooden RAF huts, Helicopter Collection Piston Engine Collection including Rolls Royce Merlin and Griffon, Jet Engine Collection including DeHavilland Ghost and Rolls Royce Avon and Conway and much more.

Military Links          
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to sites for Military information for Sheffield and the UK.

Other Historical Info                                    << Back to Top >>

Sheffield Indexers, Other Historical Info          
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to more articles of interest relating to Sheffield including; Sheffield Stories, Newspaper Articles, Editorials & General Interests, Sheffield Rhymes Etc, Cherished Sheffield Family Memories, Recipes of Olde Yorkshire, Old Sheffield Picture Post Cards and Yorkshire Expressions.

Rhymes, Stories, Folk Tales, Ghost Stories, Legends, Games Etc          
Collection of Rhymes, Ballads, Folk Tales, Ghost Stories, Legends and Games of Old Sheffield - Sheffield Indexers


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