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BriggS, POOLE,


Wedding Invitation


Ada Briggs

Married 1.30pm Christ Church Sowerby Bridge


Mrs Joseph Sugden

Requests the pleasure of

Miss Briggs

Company at 23 Hollins Mill Lane,

Sowerby Bridge on the occasion

Of her daughter Ada’s

Marriage, on

Saturday June 2nd, 1900.


 Funeral Cards


Joseph Briggs

In affection remembrance of


Beloved Husband of Mary Briggs, High Green

Born Oct 4th 1829

Died Sept 12th 1887

And was interred at Chapeltown Cemetery, September 15th.

 "Day after day we saw him fade and gently sink away:

Yet often in our hearts we prayed that he might longer stay;

Yet thus he died with holy joy, and entered into rest,

To bloom with immortality and be for ever blest."


Joseph Briggs (baby)

In memory of


Beloved son of John and Annie Elizabeth Briggs

Who departed this life March 20th 1883

Aged 3 months

And was interred at St John’s Church, Chapeltown, Mar.22nd.


"Adieu, sweet cherub, sleep in peace,

Upon thy pillow lone and chill;

Thy little life was doomed to cease,

But ah, I fondly love thee still."


Sarah Poole

In loving memory of


The beloved wife of George Dawson Poole

Of Prospect, Hoyland

Who departed this life June 9th 1904

Aged 62 years

And was interred at Hoyland Law Church, June 11th


 Sarah Yeardley

In loving memory of


The beloved wife of Thomas Yeardley

Who departed this life September 13th 1896

Aged 77 years

And was interred at Chapeltown Cemetery, September 16th.


Sarah West

In Affectionate Memory of

Sarah West

The beloved daughter of Francis and Amelia Gelder of Mortomley

Who died August 24th 1871

Aged 17 years

And was Interred at Clownside Church on the 27th.


"Ah, lovely appearance of death

What sight upon earth is so fair?

Not all the gay pageants that breath

Can with a dead body compare.

 With solemn delight I survey

The corpse when the spirit is fled,

In love with the beautiful clay

And longing to lay in its stead."


NOTE: Sarah was the daughter of Amelia who was widowed and re-married.

 NOTE 2: I still have the envelope belonging to one of the funeral cards and impressed
on one edge is the manufacturers name:  Thos Rodgers, Chance Alley Corner, Sheffield.

~ courtesy of Chris Hale ~

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