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Attercliffe Wesleyan Methodist Burial Ground


The first Wesleyan Chapel was built on the site in 1803 and was enlarged in 1824 and 1832. New school premises were built on the property in 1875. Final services, previous to demolition of the entire block preceding the building of the Attercliffe Central Hall, were held in February 1924. The burial grounds were officially closed that year.

Transcriptions were made of the 11 remaining gravestones before they were removed to the North corner of Darnall Cemetery.
(The above description is from 'The Story of Old Attercliffe')

James the son of James and Mary HEALEY
Died August 13th 1836 aged 8 years
Also Jane their Daughter died September 7, 1839 aged 3 weeks

Aaron, the son of John and Mary LINDLEY
Born April 6, 1833 died December 23rd 1836
also William their Son died January 12th 1838 aged 1 year and 11 months
also Ann their Daughter died April 14th 1840 aged 2 years and 2 months

Nancy the wife of Lenard GLEADLE
Died August 18th 1837 age 25 years

Emma WRIGHT wife of Thomas WRIGHT (of Derby)
Died Nov 6th 1843 Age 28 years

Died April 21nd 1841.In the 62nd year of his age
Also Sarah wife of the above
Died November 23rd, 1844 in the 63rd year of her age.

George son of John and Dianna MARRIOTT
Died Nov.11th 1844. Aged 15 months
Also Thomas their son died May 28th 1850 age 3 weeks
Also MaryAnn their daughter died Sept.18th 1852. Age 4 years and 2 months

Died September 29th 1846. Age 65 years.

Died October 14th 1846. Age 38 years
Also William son of the above
Died Oct 1st 1846 Age 15 years
Also of Hannah Maria daughter of the above
Died Sept 16th 1846. Aged 1 year and 6 months

Died Oct 11th 1846 Age 67 years

Elizabeth the wife of George HUTCHINSON
Died March 15th 1850 Age 29 years
also the above George Hutchinson
died Feb 1st 1852 age 35 years

Mark the son of James and Amelia JOHNSON
Died January 5th 1853 Age 4 years
also Albert their son
died July 14th 1854 in his infancy

~ courtesy of Helen Vaillancourt ~


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