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Food in History

The Food Timeline
Ever wonder what foods the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world? How Thomas Jefferson made his ice cream? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip...and why? Welcome to the Food Timeline. Food history is full of fascinating lore and contradictory facts. Historians will tell you it is not possible to express this topic in exact timeline format. They are quite right. Everything we eat is the product of culinary evolution. On the other hand? It is possible to place both foods and recipes on a timeline based on print evidence and historic context.

Culture of Yorkshire - Cuisine
The cuisine of Yorkshire and that of North England in general is known for using rich tasting ingredients, especially in regard to sweet dishes, which are widely affordable for the majority of people who live there. Wikipedia lists foods which either originated from Yorkshire or are heavily associated with it.

The Old Foodie Companion - Food History & Much More
Excellent historical site with recipes and access to many links to Food History Blogs, Food History Sites and much more!

Old Elizabethan Food
Elizabethan Food and Drink varied according to status and wealth. In the early Medieval era meat was a sign of wealth. But as the population rose, this was supported by improving agricultural techniques and inventions. The Elizabethan era also saw the introductions of different food from the New World. And the Elizabethan period saw the expanded use of sugar. 

Cadbury Chocolate
A one-man business, opened in 1824 by a young Quaker, John Cadbury, in Bull Street Birmingham, was to be the foundation of Cadbury Limited, now one of the world's largest chocolate producers. By 1831 the business had changed from a grocery shop and John Cadbury had become a manufacturer of drinking chocolate and cocoa, the start of the Cadbury manufacturing business as it is known today.

Best of British - Food & Drink Guide
Humorous American's Guide to Speaking British explains traditional British Food and Drink.

Ode to Puddings

The History of the Yorkshire Pudding
Have you ever wondered about the origins of the good old Yorkshire Pudding? Well here's a little story that you might find interesting.

Yorkshire Pudding
"Making Yorkshire Pudding is very easy. It is very Important that the lard or oil is almost smoking hot before you pour the mix in. Also, you can use milk and water instead of milk alone." A traditional Yorkhire Pudding recipe.

Olde Recipes

The Old Foodie
Food History Information Junkie from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, The Old Foodie gives you 400 words each weekday on a topic related to the day, plus a historic recipe, and sometimes a menu. And how much fun is that!

The Great British Kitchen
The British Food Trust web site is a major resource for all those in the UK and around the world who are enthusiasts for British cooking, its past traditions and future potential. Most of the 1,210 recipes here are indeed traditional and, taken together, define the legacy of British Cuisine. But of course cooking and recipes are ever-changing, no more so than with British cooking, which has always been hugely influenced by other cultures, many of which are now part and parcel of our contemporary cuisine. Our overriding interest, then, is not that everything in the Kitchen should be the pre-War idea of British, important though that foundation is, but to share and enjoy the rich diversity of the culinary life that is readily found in the British Kitchen today. 

Traditional Yorkshire Recipes          
An insight into what defines a 'Traditional Yorkshire Recipe'. Plus a whole host of recipes to access.

Recipes from Christmas Past
The Christmas Past collection includes recipes for mince pie, raspberry shrub, plum pudding, English plum pudding, roast beef, and Yorkshire pudding.

Hotch Pot from Sheffield
Beef, Lamb and Pork with mixture of root vegetables. Truly traditional!

Old Elizabethan Recipes
Food during Elizabethan Times was changing. New Foods such as the tomato, potato and the turkey were being introduced from the New World. Chilli peppers of the capsicum family including red peppers, cayenne, paprika and chilli were also imported from the New World.

New Recipes

BBC Food
Recipes, diet considerations, news and views and much more.

Yorkshire Pudding with Bacon and Sage
www.epicurious.com recipe with chunks of bacon that give this English classic new found appeal. See also more herbed recipes.

Blue Cheese Yorkshire Pudding
food.cookinglight.com recipe and menue for the calorie conscious.


British Food Fortnight (BBC)
The British Food Fortnight 2006 runs from 23 September to 8 October. The aim is to make everyone in the UK, particularly schoolchildren, more aware of the diversity and quality of home-grown, locally sourced British produce. Find out how you can get involved.

The Great British Kitchen - Food & Feasting
In modern times, the seasons now melt into one another but people still need to be in touch with the rhythm of life and experience the changes in the cycle of the year. Nothing is more satisfying than following the paths of our forefathers, continuing the traditions handed on to us

Cook Books

ANNE's Cookery Book - 1952
Old Yorkshire recipes and more recipes collected by Anne of Askrigg. With a few from old books, general cookery and a section on preservation of fruit and vegetables, meat, herbs and flowers.

Great British Cooking - A Well Kept Secret - 1992
This book By Jane Garmey, is a revelation to Americans who have never tasted real Cornish Pasties, Scotch Woodcock (a splendid version of scrambled eggs) or Brown Bread Ice Cream. From the sumptuous breakfasts that made England famous to the steamed puddings, trifles, meringues and syllabubs that are still renowned, no aspect of British cooking is overlooked.

More Sheffield History

Sheffield Indexers, Sheffield History
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to historical Sheffield including; Sheffield History, Laws & Acts, Living & Working Conditions, Historical Land & Buildings, Sheffield Flood and War Memories.

Sheffield Indexers, Other Historical Info
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to more articles of interest relating to Sheffield including; Sheffield Stories, Newspaper Articles, Editorials & General Interests, Sheffield Rhymes Etc, Cherished Sheffield Family Memories, Recipes of Olde Yorkshire, Old Sheffield Picture Post Cards and Yorkshire Expressions.

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