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Wills and Letters of Administration (Admons)
Probate Calendars – 1858 to 1943 - Wakefield unless otherwise stated
Includes ALL mentions of Bennett local to Sheffield only.



Supplemental information provided by Heather Granger

3rd March 1815

Joseph Bennett, seedsman and gardener of the Wicker.

Will made on 3/3/1815 and proved in London 9/7/1816. He mentions his dear wife Ann,

his daughter Sarah (wife of William Warburton) and his son Joseph Bennett who was

made executor. Mentions a dwelling house and messuage in the Wicker, with fruit trees.

The witnesses were Adamson Parker, John Brown and John Rainforth.

1st May 1830

Joseph Bennett, gardener and seedsman of Sheffield.

Will made 1/5/1830 and proved in London 22/12/1830. Mentions his wife Elizabeth,

his daughters and his "natural son" Joseph. Mentions also gardens on the east side of

Occupation Rd, Brightside Bierlow at Dixons point(?) and at Tom Cross. Refers to the

will of his father Joseph Bennett. Mentions also his sister Sarah, wife of William Warburton.

George Swift, butcher of Grimesthorpe, and William Burgin of Sheffield were appointed as

executors. Witnesses were James Sorby, Ann Moulson and James Footitt.


The following information provided by Kevin Bennett


4th July 1858                                                                                        Effects under £100

Mary Bennett, widow, died 12th December 1857 at Sheffield.

Executor: Ann Hutchinson, widow, of Sheffield and Elizabeth Oldfield, widow, of Sheffield

(daughters of deceased)


27th October ?1859                                                                              Effects under £100

Martha Bennett (wife of Peter), late of Sheffield,

Died 14th January 1844, at Earl St, Sheffield

Granted to Peter Bennett, filesmith


6th July 1861                                                                                        Effects under £450

Elizabeth Bennett, late of Sheffield, widow,

Died 19th February 1860, at Sheffield

Granted to Alathea Bennett, of 17 Division St, spinster and daughter of deceased


25th June 1861                                                                                     Effects under £200

Mary Ann Bennett, late of High Green House, Sheffield, spinster

Died 17th March 1861 in the Parish of St Mary, Cheltenham, Gloucester


?date    1861, 1862 or 1863                                                                   Effects under £20

Mary Ann Bennett, wife of John, late of Greasborough in the Parish of Rotherham

Died 1st February 1858 at Greasborough

Granted to John Bennett of Darfield, blacksmith         


1864, 1865, 1866, 1867 – none


22nd May 1868                         Admon                                     Effects under £100

Elizabeth Bennett, late of Sheffield, widow

Died 18th January 1868 at Sheffield

Granted to Jane Edmanson (wife of Jabez Edmanson, commercial traveller), of Sheffield, daughter and one of next of kin


23rd October 1868                   Admon                                     Effects under £200

Mary Yeaman Bennett (wife of George Edward Bennett), late of Sheffield

Died 13th March 1864 at Sheffield

Granted to George Edward Bennett (painter)


16th June 1868                         Admon                                     Effects under £1,500

Edward Bennett, late of Sheffield, painter

Died 16th June 1869 at Sheffield

Granted to Elizabeth Bennett of 50 Fargate, Sheffield, widow


24th September 1869                Admon                                     Effects under £300

William Bennett, late of Sheffield, stone merchant

Died 22nd July 1869 at Sheffield

Granted to Catharine Bennett, widow


16th February 1870                  Will                                          Effects under £100

Elizabeth Bennett, late of New Mexborough, widow

Died 11th November 1869, at New Mexborough

Granted to Thomas Bennett of Mexborough, joiner and builder, son, surviving executor


28th February 1870                  Will                                          Effects under £2,000

Henry Bennett, late of Rotherham, furniture broker

Died 31st August 1869 at Rotherham

Proved by Alice Bennett of Rotherham, widow


None 1871


3rd May 1872                           Will                                         Effects under £600

Thomas Bennett, late of Sheffield, general dealer

Died 11th April 1872 at Sheffield

Proved by Joseph Thomas Bennett of Sheffield, cutlery dealer and son

And Simon Metcalfe of the New Market Hall, Sheffield, confectioner – executors


None 1873


18th March 1874                      Will                                           Effects under £300

Samuel Bennett, late of Gloucester Crescent, Gloucester Street, Sheffield, bookkeeper

Died 30th December 1873 at Sheffield

Proved by Elizabeth Ann Bennett of Gloucester Crescent, widow


5th June 1875                           Will                                         Effects under £1,500

Henry Bennett, late of Sheffield, painter

Died 22nd March 1875 at Sheffield

Proved by Robert Renton, steel manufacturer, and Michael Beal, jeweller, both of Sheffield


5th January 1876                       Will                                         Effects under £2,000

Ann Bennett, late of Rotherham

Died 5th June 1875 at Rotherham

Proved by Elizabeth Bennett and Mary Ann Bennett, both of Clifton Crescent, Rotherham, daughters


21st July 1876                           Admon                                     Effects under £100

Elizabeth Bennett, late of Southey, Ecclesfield, widow

Died 14th May 1876 at Southey

Granted to Henry Bennett, of Southey, file manufacturer and son, and one of next of kin


7th December 1876                  Admon                                     Effects under £60

Grace Bennett, late of Shude Hill, Sheffield, widow

Died 3rd November 1876 at Shude Hill

Granted to Charles Howson of Shude Hill, white metal smith and son, and one of next of kin


7th July 1876                            Admon                                     Effects under £200

Isabella Bennett, late of Sheffield, spinster

Died 12th May 1818 at Sheffield

Granted to William Sterndale Scarr of 4 Woodland Terrace, East Greenwich, Kent, merchantile clerk. The administrator of the effects of Robert Bennett, the father and next of kin


8th June 1876                           Admon                                     Effects under £1,500

Robert Bennett, late of Sheffield, organist (NB father of Sir Wm Sterndale Bennett)

Died 3rd November 1819 at Sheffield

Granted to William Sterndale Scarr, merchantile clerk. The administrator of the effects of Marianne Ellen Scar (wife of Joseph Scarr), daughter and one of next of kin


20th July 1877                          Will                                         Effects under £200

John Harrison Bennett, late of High Street, Rotherham, publican

Died 29th July 1877 at Rotherham

Proved by Sarah Bennett of High Street, widow


None 1878


22nd October 1879                   Admon                                     Effects under £200

Edward Bennett, late of 50 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, public accountant, widower

Died 12th May 1879 at 105a Hanover Street, Sheffield

Granted to Thomas Wheeldon Cripps, of 50 Norfolk Street, public accountant and creditor


9th January 1880                       Will                                         Effects under £200

Samuel Bennett, late of Burngreave Cemetery Office, Sheffield, Superintendent of the Cemetery

Died 21st December 1879 at the Cemetery Office, Sheffield

Proved by Jane Bennett, widow and sole executrix


1st September 1880                  Will                                          Effects under £100

Samuel Bennett, late of Heeley, Sheffield

Died 2nd May 1880, at Heeley

Proved by Marion Collinson Bennett, spinster and daughter, and Wm Bennett, manager of stationery business, brother, both of Sheffield, executors


None 1881, 1882


5th July 1883                            Will                              Personal estate £206/ 6 shillings

George Bennett, formerly of Sheffield, afterwards of Wickersley, but late of 57 Radford Place, Sheffield, steel warehouseman

Died 27th May 1883, at 57 Radford Place, Sheffield

Proved by Jane Bennett, of 57 Radford Place, widow and sole executrix


11th August 1884                      Will                              Personal estate £88/ 6/ 3d

John Bennett, late of 121 St Philip’s Road, Sheffield, coal dealer

Died 31st May 1884, at Sheffield

Proved by Eliza Bennett, widow, and Charles Hett, foreman at Sheffield Smelting Company’s Works.  Both of Sheffield and executors


6th March 1884                        Will                              Personal estate £236/ 17/ 11d

William Bennett, formerly of Clarence Street, but late of 102 Alexandra Road, Heeley, both in Sheffield, edge tool hardener

Died 21st January 1884 at 102 Alexandra Road, Heeley

Proved by William Bennett, of Netherfield Terrace,  Nether Green, Ranmoor, Sheffield, stationer, son and sole executor


26th August 1884                      Will                              Personal estate £49 / 4/ 6d

Mary Bennett, late of 25 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, widow

Died 31st July 1884 at 25 Cambridge Street

Proved by Sarah Bennett of 25 Cambridge Street, spinster, daughter and sole executor


11th October                            Admon                         Personal estate £1,900/ 11/ 4d

William Bennett, late of 76 Walkley Street, Walkley, Sheffield, joiner

Died 20th January 1884

Granted to Harriett Bennett, of 76 Walkley Street, widow


3rd June 1885                           Will                              Personal estate £1,437/ 12/ 8d

Joseph Bennett, formerly of Church Street, but late of 78 West Street and 269 St Philip’s Road, all in Sheffield, grocer

Died 17th March 1885, at 269 St Philip’s Road, Sheffield

Proved by William Rowbotham Bennett, of Tenter Street, Sheffield, grocer, son and George Thomas Cockayne, of Sheffield Common, brewer, 2 of the executors


None 1886


27th May 1887                         Will                              Personal estate £501/ 17/ 6d

James Bennett, late of Rotherham

Died 20th March 1887, at Rotherham

Proved by Benjamin Jeffrey Moss, nail maker, and John James Goodwin, banker’s clerk, both of Rotherham and executors


12th December 1887                Will                              Personal estate £1,059/ 1/7d

Emily Bennett, formerly of Louth, Lincs, but late of Sheffield, widow

Died 4th December 1887, at Sheffield

Proved by Cartwright Hairby Walseby, of 31 Sharrow Street, Sheffield, tea merchant, son and sole executor


21st June                               Admon                         Personal estate £39/ 9s

Robert Bennett, late of Mexborough, warehouseman

Died 7th March 1888, at Mexborough

Granted to Mary Bennett, of 49 Broomspring Lane, Sheffield, widow


19th October 1889                   Admon                         Personal estate £5,571/ 14s

George Edward Bennett, late of Sheffield, painter and decorator

Died 18th September 1889, at Sheffield

Granted to Elizabeth Bennett, of 75 Broomspring Lane, Sheffield, widow


3rd May 1889                           Will                              Personal estate £47/ 14/ 6d

Jane Bennett, formerly of 19 Church Street, Greasborough, near Rotherham, late of 69 Cavendish Street, Sheffield, widow.

Died 18th April 1889, at 69 Cavendish Street, Sheffield

Proved by Mary Kay (wife of James Kay), of 69 Cavendish Street, niece, and Elizabeth Carr, of 20 Church Street, widow, executrixes


None 1890


16th January 1891                     Will                              Personal estate £194/ 19/ 11d

Matilda Bennett, late of Rupert Street, Sheffield, spinster

Died 4th January 1891, at Sheffield

Proved by Jane Edmanson (wife of Jabes Edmanson), sister, and Elizabeth Lucy Judd, spinster and niece, both of Rupert Street and executrixes


28th August 1891                      Will                              Personal estate £89/ 14s

Thomas Bennett, late of Hope Street, Mexborough, builder

Died 23rd July 1891, at the Infirmary, Leeds

Proved by Thomas Bennett, carpenter and son, and James Clayton Fletcher, rate collector. Both of Mexborough, the executors


None 1892, 1893


4th March 1895                        Admon                         Effects £133/ 7s

George Bennett, of Wadsley, Ecclesfield, formerly spring knife cutler

Died 30th January 1895

Probate (Wakefield) to Susan Bennett, widow, and George Baxter, accountant


25th April 1895                         Admon                         Effects £301/ 7 /8d

Samuel Bennett, of 156 Saville Street East, Sheffield, medical botanist

Died 18th March 1895

Administration (Wakefield) to Charlotte Bennett, widow


None 1894


11th April 1896                         Will                                          Effects £332/ 11/ 8d

Augustus Hadfield Bennett, of Rotherham, retailer of ale, beer and porter

Died 3rd February 1896

Probate (Wakefield) to Mary Elizabeth Bennett, widow


12th August 1896                      Will                                          Effects £1,341/ 2/ 9d

Elizabeth Bennett, of 31 Westbourne Road, Sheffield, widow

Died 18th June 1896

Probate (Wakefield) to George Walker Osborne, banker’s clerk


7th January 1896                       Will                                          Effects £153

Jonathan Bennett, of Ecclesfield Common, Ecclesfield, formerly engine tenter

Died 23rd December 1895

Probate (Wakefield) to Emma Bennett, widow


None 1897, 1898


27th May 1899                         Will                                          Effects £136

Charlotte Bennett, of  the “High Greave” inn, Ecclesfield, widow

Died 27th December 1898

Probate (Wakefield) to John Machen Bennett, farmer and publican


26th July 1899                          Will                                          Effects £461/ 16/ 1d

Ernest Bennett, of the “High Greave” inn, Ecclesfield, engraver

Died 9th August 1897

Administration (Wakefield) to John Machen Bennett, farmer and publican


5th October 1899                     Will                                          Effects £484/ 8/ 6d

James Bennett, of Old Denaby, near Rotherham, farmer

Died 19th April 1899

Probate (London) to Henry Bennett and Walter John Robinson, farmers


26th April 1899                         Admon                                     Effects £3

William Bennett, of Intake, Handsworth, coal miner

Died 1st May 1897

Administration, with Will (Wakefield) to Hannah Shirt (wife of John Shirt)


29th July 1899                          Admon                                     Effects £395/ 16/ 8d

William Bennett, of  the “High Greave” inn, Ecclesfield, engineer

Died 18th July 1890

Administration (Wakefield) to John Machen Bennett, farmer and publican


5th May 1900                           Admon                                     Effects £84/ 12s

Florence Bennett, of 796 Grimesthorpe Road, Sheffield, spinster

Died 9th April 1900

Administration (Wakefield) to Thomas Bennett, grocer


29th May 1901                         Admon                                     Effects £104/ 6s

Amy Bennett, of James Street, Masborough, Rotherham (wife of John Bennett)

Died 3rd April 1901

Administration (Wakefield) to the said John Bennett, engine driver


2nd March 1901                        Will                                          Effects £4,298/ 8/ 1d

George Bennett, of Doncaster Road, Rotherham, gentleman

Died 27th January 1901

Probate (Wakefield) to Richard Hattersley, solicitor’s managing clerk, and Francis Charles Collinson, surgeon


25th September 1901                Will                                          Effects £2,439/ 16/ 6d

John Bennett, of Joseph Street, Masborough, Rotherham

Died 8th September 1901

Probate (Wakefield) to Thomas Bennett, railway company/s agent, Joseph Howitt, accountant, and George Wombwell Hawson, butcher


8th November 1901                  Will                                          Effects £73/ 4s

John Bennett, of 26 Mill Lane, Treeton, Rotherham

Died 20th October 1901

Probate (Wakefield) to Zilpha Bennett, widow, and Bertha Sheldon (wife of Robert Sheldon)


None 1902


19th May 1903                         Admon                                     Effects £72/ 13/ 5d

Alathea Bennett, of 9ct West Street, Sheffield, spinster

Died 15th November 1902

Administration (Wakefield) to Mary Briggs, widow


16th January 1903                     Will                                          Effects £231/ 1/ 5d

Betsy Bennett, of 33 Helena Street, Mexborough, widow

Probate (Wakefield) to George Cutts Bennett, plasterer, and Thomas Bennett, innkeeper


12th May 1904                         Will                                          Effects £2,240/ 12s

William Rowbotham Bennett, of “Belmont”, Upperthorpe, Sheffield, gentleman

Die 23rd September 1903

Probate (Wakefield) to Jane Bennett, widow


6th January 1905                       Will                                          Effects £780/ 0/ 6d

Charles Bennett, of 30 Salmon Street, Sheffield, engineer

Died 14th September 1904      

Probate (Wakefield) to James Frederick Bennett, engineer, and John Archer, accountant


18th March 1905                      Will                                          Effects £626/ 10s

Emma Bennett, of Ecclesfield Common, Ecclesfield, widow

Died 28th January 1905

Probate (Wakefield) to Harry Salt, and Frank Salt, iron moulders


16th March 1906                      Will                                          Effects £258/ 17/ 9d

William Henry Bennett, of Low Shiregreen, Sheffield

Died 2nd March 1906

Probate (Wakefield) to James Panton, retired cooper


21st August 1907                      Will                                          Effects £115

Hannah Elizabeth Bennett, of Low Shiregreen, Yorks, widow

Died 29th July 1907, at 26 Cromwell Grove, Levenshulme, Lancs

Probate (London) to James Panton, and John Charles Wain, cutlery manufacturer


15th June 1908                         Will                                          Effects £289/ 9/ 3d

Jane Bennett, of 49 Montgomery Terrace Road, Sheffield

Died 14th March 1908

Probate (Wakefield) to William Frederick Cockayne Bennett, physician and surgeon


12th May 1909                         Admon                                     Effects £145/ 5s

Mary Bennett, of 946 City Road, Sheffield, widow

Died 13th March 1909

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Francis Robert Bennett, carter


29th December 1910                Will                                          Effects £2,194/ 7/ 2d

William Bennett, of Wath Road, Elsecar, Yorks, cashier

Probate (Wakefield) to Mary Elizabeth Bennett, widow, Joseph Bennett, and Thomas William Bennett, bank clerks


21st March 1911                       Will                                          Effects £830/ 1/ 3d

Edward Bennett, of Oxford Street, Rotherham, tailor and draper

Died 14th January 1911

Probate (Wakefield) to William Henry Bennett, tailor, and Samuel Allen, draughtsman


4th December 1912                  Will                                          Effects £468/ 17/ 2d

James Bennet, of 15 Witney Street, Sheffield

Died 20th October 1912

Probate (Wakefield) to Henry Percival Bennet, surveyor of taxes


6th February 1912                    Will                                          Effects £87/-

Anne Elizabeth, otherwise Elizabeth Anne Bennett, of 446 Staniforth Rd, Attercliffe, Sheffield, wife of James Bennett

Died 16th December 1911

Probate (Wakefield) to said James Bennett, carting contractor


18th September 1912                Admon                                     Effects £-/ 17/ 6d

George Bennett, of Thorpe Hesley, Yorks

Died 19th April 1904

Letters of Administration (London) granted to John Bennett, miner


1st February 1912                     Will                                          Effects £4,544/ 6/ 6d

William Frederick Cockayne Bennett, of Montgomery Terrace Road, Sheffield, physician and surgeon

Died 13th December 1911

Probate (Wakefield) to Ethel Mary Bennett, widow, and James Lomax Cockayne, brewer


20th October 1913                   Will                                          Effects £10/ 10/ 6d

Eliza Bennett, of 29 Burns Road, Shefield

Died 26th May 1913

Probate (Wakefield) to George Bennett, warehouseman


3rd September 1913                  Will                                          Effects £925/ 10/ 2d

Harriet Bennett, of 76 Walkley Street, Sheffield, widow

Died 26th May 1913

Probate (Wakefield) to Robert Butterworth, estate agent, and John Hawcroft, steel hardener


6th June 1913                           Will                                          Effects £700/ 0/ 2d

Sarah Bennett, of 237 Hanover Street, Sheffield, spinster

Died 23rd May 1913

Probate (London) to the rev James Gilmore, clerk, and Margaret Harrison, spinster


9th September 1913                  Admon                                     Effects £400

William Bennett, of 76 Walkley Street, Walkley, Sheffield, joiner

Died 20th January 1884 (formerly granted October 1884)

Letters of Administration (Wakefield)granted to Harriet Goodwin (wife of Samuel Hubert Goodwin)


4th February 1914                    Will                                          Effects £705/ 1/11d

Maria Elizabeth Bennett, of 28 Lydgate Lane, Crookes, Sheffield, spinster

Died 7th January 1914

Probate (London) to Edward Bennett, chartered accountant, and Caroline Bennett Osborne, spinster


15th October 1914                   Will                                          Effects £2,783/ 10/ 6d

William Henry Bennett, of 15 Tyzack Road, Sheffield

Died 30th August 1914

Probate (London) to Harriet Bennett, widow, William Bennett, bank clerk, and Ethel Bennett, spinster


6th August 1915                        Will                                          Effects £199/ 11/ 4d

Albert Michael Lewis Bennett, of 14 Sheffield Road, Tinsley, Sheffield

Died 29th June 1915, at Mappleborough Green, Studley, Warwicks

Probate (Wakefield) to John William Bennett, forgeman, and Anne Elizabeth Kelsley (wife of William Kelsey)


5th September 1916                  Will                                          Effects £4,099/ 17s

Edward Bennett, of the Grey Horse Inn, High Street, Sheffield

Died 5th May 1916, at 78 Clarkhouse Road, Sheffield

Probate (Wakefield) to George Bennett, licensed victualer


21st February 1916                   Admon (with Will)                        Effects £429/ 7s

Leonard Spencer Bennett, of 30 Marlborough Street, Sheffield, a private in the 15th battalion of His Majesty’s Imperial Australian forces

Died 10th May 1915, in Gallipoli, on active military service

Probate (Wakefield) to Ann Amelia Bennett (wife of John Charles Bennett)


11th September 1916                Will                                          Effects £31, 264/ 0/ 1d

Thomas Bennett, of Armroyd House, Elsecar, Barnsley

Died 26th June 1916

Probate (Wakefield) to Joseph Bennett, and Thomas Wm Bennett, bank clerks, and James Totty, architect


30th November 1917                Admon                                     Effects £354/ 1s

Mary Bennett, of 13 Bawtry Road, Tinsley, Sheffield

Died 29th September 1917

Letters of Administration (London) granted to Joseph Edwin Bennett, optician


23rd February 1917                  Will                                          Effects £3,832/ 11/ 10d

Thomas Bennett, of 14 Albany Street, Rotherham

Died 26th January 1917

Probate (Wakefield) to Wm Henry Bennett, tailor, and Alfred Birkhead, steel worker


2nd November 1918                 Admon                                     Effects  £2,111/ 16/ 10d

Armenia Bennett, of Westwood, Christ Church Road, Sheffield, wife of George Bennett

Died 4th December 1917

Letters of Administration (London) granted to the said George Bennett, retired steel manufacturer


23rd September 1918                Will                                          Effects £575/ 10/ 7d

Martha Ann Bennett, widow, of 66 Keresforth Hill Road, Barnsley

Died 6th September 1918

Probate (Wakefield) to Edwin Bygate Sellars, colliery deputy


28th May 1919                         Will                                          Effects £12,811/ 9/ 10d

Charles Frederick Bennett, of Rathgar, Melbourne Avenue, and 10 Figtree Lane, both Sheffield

Died 28th August 1918, at 10 Figtree Lane, Sheffield

Probate (London) to Robert Edmund Winder, architect, and James Hardie Crookes, steel refiner


17th December 1919                Will                                          Effects £15,000/ 14/ 11d

George Bennett, of Westwood, Christ Church Road, Sheffield

Died 2nd February 1919

Probate (London) to Armenia Brumby (wife of Alfred Brumby), Henry Carnall Glenn, law clerk, and Sarah Ada Welbourne (wife of Lewis Welbourne)


1st November 1919                  Will                                          Effects £164/ 12/ 10d

Joseph Bennett, of 137 Broomspring Lane, Sheffield

Died 6th October 1919, at Cross Hill farm, Laxton, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Probate (London) to Joseph Henry Turner, type founder, and Joseph Edwin Smith, insurance superintendent


31st June 1919                          Will                                          Effects £981/ 5/ 3d

William Bennett, of 128 Osgathorpe Road, Sheffield

Died 20th June 1919

Probate (London) to Maria Bennett, widow


22nd June 1920                         Will                                          Effects £142/ 14/ 3d

Ann Bennett, of 134 Creswick Street, Walkley, Sheffield

Died 27th May 1920

Probate (Wakefield) to James Rides Cooper, Baptist minister


28th October 1920                   Will                                          Effects £1,047/ 9/ 11d

Mary Bennett, of High Street, Wosborough Dale, Barnsley, widow

Died 1st June 1920

Probate (Wakefield) to William Barnes, licensed victualer, and Arthur Ansell, labourer


None 1921; None 1922


13th February 1923                  Will                                          Effects £773/ 8s

Harriet Bennett, of 36 Frederick Street, Darnall, Sheffield

Died 4th July 1922

Probate (London) to Wilfrid Carr, foreman steel melter, and John Barker, musician


13th September 1923                Will                                          Effects £322/ 15/ 3d

John Bennett, of 12 Normandale Road, Sheffield

Died 12th April 1923

Probate (Wakefield) to Frank Smithald Bull, spring works manager


1st July 1924                             Will                                          Effects £2,757/ 16/ 1d

Elizabeth Bennett, of 36 Priory Road, Sharrow, Sheffield, widow

Died 16th May 1924

Probate (London) to James Totty, and Arthur Bennett Allott, architects


3rd November 1924                  Admon                                     Effects £136/ 7/ 8d

Elizabeth Bennett, of 50 Studley Road, Sheffield (wife of Joseph Bennett)

Died 17th August 1924

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) granted to the said Joseph Bennett, railway sub-ganger


1st August 1924                        Admon                                     Effects £390/ -

John William Bennett, of 12 New Street, Hoyland Common, Barnsley

Died 23rd April 1924

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) granted to Annie Bennett, widow


28th January 1924                     Will                                          Effects £476/ 5/ 6d

Sarah Bennett, of 95 Fitzwalter Road, Sheffield, widow

Died 15th February 1921

Probate (London) to Ernest Rhys Davies, steelworks representative


8th March 1924                        Admon                                     Effects £246/ 11/ 4d

Walter Bennett, of 10 Denby Street, Sheffield

Died 13th December 1923

Letters of Administration (London) granted to Sarah Ann Bennett, widow


26th September 1925                Will                                          Effects £5,939/ 6/ 4d

Benjamin Bennett, of Arden, Clifton Lane, Rotherham

Died 25th June 1925

Probate (Wakefield) to Benjamin Bennett, iron merchant, Charles Watson Cooper, director of limited company, and Lillian Bennett, widow


27th March 1925                      Admon                                     Effects £283/ 15/ 4d

George Bennett, of 119 Rock Street, Sheffield

Died 28th February 1925

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) granted to Elizabeth Bennett, widow


10th June 1925                         Will                                          Effects £1,065/ 2/ 6d

John Hodgson Bennett, of 178 Attercliffe Common, Sheffield

Died 4th May 1925

Probate (Wakefield) to Sarah Bennett, widow


25th February 1926                  Admon                                     Effects £383/ 16/ 5d

Charles Bennett, of 24 Josephine Road, Rotherham

Died 11th January 1926

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) granted to Annie Bennett, widow


23rd November 1926                Will                                          Effects £2,377/ 9/ 10d

Elizabeth Bennett, of 32 Machon Bank, Sheffield, widow

Died 30th September 1926, at 36 Broomhall Place, Sheffield

Probate (London) to Edward Bennett, chartered accountant, and Ethel Pearson (wife of Maurice Pearson)


27th March 1926                      Will                                          Effects £516/ 16/ 4d

Hannah Bennett, of 53 Mottram Street, Barnsley, widow

Died 26th February 1926

Probate (Wakefield) to Henry Legge, railway signalman


26th July 1926                          Will                                          Effects £768/ 16/ 3d

John Bennett, of 16 Manor Road, Wales, Sheffield

Died 24th April 1926

Probate (London) to Alice Saxby (wife of John Saxby)


22nd February 1927                  Will                                          Effects £692/ 5/ 9d

Alice Bennett, of 15 Gladys Street, Middle Lane, Rotherham (wife of Robert Bennett)

Died 15th January 1927, at Rotherham Hospital, Rotherham

Probate (London) to Stanley Bennett, bank clerk, and George Williams, grocer’s assistant


11th April 1927                         Will                                          Effects £670/ 7/ 5d

Robert Bennett, of 15 Gladys Street, Middle Lane, Rotherham

Died 7th March 1917, at the Rotherham Poor Law Institution

Probate (London) to Stanley Bennett, bank clerk, and George Williams, grocer’s assistant


17th April 1928                         Admon                                     Effects £185

Elizabeth Bennett, of Darton Hotel, Darton, Barnsley (wife of George Thomas Bennett)

Died 9th January 1928

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to said George Thomas Bennett, licensed victualer


9th March 1928                        Will                                          Effects £389/ 3/ 4d

Joseph Hessey Bennett, of 135 South View Road, Sheffield

Died 14th February 1928

Probate (Wakefield) to Hannah Mary Bennett, widow


26th April 1928                         Will                                          Effects £360/ 3/ 7d

William Bennett, of 11 Vale Road, Sheffield

Died 3rd April 1928

Probate (Wakefield) to Ernest Bradley, commercial traveller


20th April 1929                         Admon                                 Effects £1,339/ 11/ 1d

Henry Bennett, of 7 Cherry Street South, Sheffield

Died 2nd March 1929

Letters of Administration (London) to Julia Bennett, widow


24th January 1929                     Admon                                 Effects £328/ 6/ 6d

Joseph Bennett, of 295 Middlewood Road, Sheffield

Died 30th November 1929

Letters of Administration (London) to Sarah Ellen Bennett, widow


6th July 1929                            Will                                          Effects £2,130/ 19/ 8d

Lucy Bennett, of Deerlands, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield

Died 12th December 1928, at 26 Church Street, Ecclesfield

Probate (London) to Millicent Pearsley, widow


25th June 1929                         Will                                          Effects £1,530/ 8/ 11d

Margaret Fanny Bennett, of 45 Bennett Lane, Richmond Park, Kimberworth, Rotherham

Died 25th March 1929 (wife of Joseph Albert Bennett)

Probate (Wakefield) to the said Joseph Albert Bennett, retired blacksmith


23rd May 1930                         Admon                                     Effects £241/ 11/ 2d

Charles Bennett, of 17 Middlewood Estate, Oughtibridge, Sheffield

Died 12th February 1930

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Lucilla Bennett, widow


25th April 1930                         Will                                          Effects £1,336/ 7/ 5d

William Bennett, of 41 Cavendish Road, Rotherham

Died 5th March 1930, at the Rotherham Union Hospital, Alma Road, Rotherham

Probate (London) to Thomas Gill, foreman


23rd June 1930                         Will                                          Effects £362/ 8/ 6d

William Henry Bennett, of 33 Harvey Clough Road, Sheffield

Died 21st December 1929, at Firvale Workhouse Hospital, Sheffield

Probate (London) to Hiram Trotter, retired blacksmith


17th October 1931                   Admon                                         Effects £402/ 14/ 10d

Kate Bennett, of 61 Greenhead Lane, Chapeltown Ecclesfield

Died 1st September 1931 (wife of Fred Bennett)

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to the said Fred Bennett


25th April 1931                         Will                                          Effects £1,378/ 7/ 8d

Sarah Ann Bennett, of 347 Springvale Road, Sheffield, widow

Died 26th March 1931, at 53 Snape Hill, Dronfield, Derbyshire

Probate (London) to Daryl Frederick Bennett, draper’s manager


21st January 1932                     Admon                                     Effects £438/ 6/ 10d

Ann Bennett, of 24 Josephine Road, Rotherham, widow

Died 19th December 1931

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Thomas William Bennett, steelworks clerk


5th May 1932                           Admon                                     Effects £404/ 14/ 8d

Reginald Bennett, of 148 Mortomley Lane, High Green, Sheffield

Died 16th March 1932

Letters of Administration (Wakefield0 to the Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd


25th February 1933                  Will                                          Effects £356/ 15/ 11d

Fanny Woodhouse Bennett, of 128 Broomspring Lane, Sheffield

Died 15th February 1933

Probate (Lincoln) to Harold Bennett, engineer


26th May 1933                         Will                                          Effects £124/ 5/ 6d

Hannah Frederica Bennett, of the School House, Parkgate, Rotherham

Died 31st October 1932 (wife of William George Bennett)

Probate (Wakefield) to the said Wm George Bennett, retired schoolmaster


24th November 1933                Will                                          Effects £258/ 6/ 11d

Harry Bennett, of 6 Church Street, Oughtibridge, Sheffield

Died 31st October 1932

Probate (Wakefield) to Clara Esther Sarah Thornton Bennett, widow, and William Fieldsend, manufacturer


13th February 1933                  Admon                                     Effects £269/ 12/ 7d

John William Bennett, of 46 High Street, West Melton, Rotherham

Died 18th January 1933

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Marion Bennett, widow


25th March 1933                      Will                                          Effects £150/ 17/ 7d

Sarah Bennett, of 163 Industry Street, Walkley, Sheffield

Died 21st February 1933

Probate (London) to Edward Hartley, herbalist, and Ada Hartley (wife of said Edward Hartley)


1st December 1933                   Will                                          Effects £1,284/ 6/ 6d

William Bennett, of 137 Meersbrook Park Road, Sheffield

Died 17th October 1933

Probate (London) to Alice Bennett, widow


12th March 1934                      Will                                          Effects £1,299/ 5s

Arthur Bennett, of 6 Wall Street, Barnsley

Died 23rd January 1934

Probate (Wakefield) to Robert Bennett, iron moulder, and Samuel Bennett, railway fireman


20th April 1934                        Admon (with Will)                        Effects £856/ 2/ 8d

Arthur Bennett, of 8 Ganton Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield

Died 3rd March 1934, at the Royal Infirmary, Sheffield

Letters of Administration (with Will) (Wakefield) to Kate Bennett, widow


4th January 1934                       Will                                          Effects £2,235/ 0/ 4d

Catherine Mary Bennett, of 250 St Philips Road, Sheffield

Died 13th December 1933

Probate (Gloucester) to James Robert Phillips, solicitor


2nd June 1934                           Will                                          Effects £406/ 6/ 5d

Lucy Bennett, of 5 Wellington Place, Darnall, Sheffield

Died 27th April 1934

Probate (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) to Annie Kennedy (wife of John Kennedy)


29th December 1934                Will                                              Effects £54/ 15/ 11d

Mary Elizabeth Bennett, of 163 Industry Street, Walkley, Sheffield

Died 19th November 1934

Probate (Wakefield) to Harriet Elizabeth Glaves, widow


4th July 1934                            Will                                          Effects £260/ 5/ 3d

Sarah Ann Bennett, of 47 Bellhouse Road, Sheffield, widow

Died 29th November 1933

Probate (Wakefield) to Frederick Saville, hardener, and John Ellis Staniland, insurance collector


1st July 1935                             Admon                                 Effects £50

Armenia Bennett, of Weetwood, Christchurch Road, Sheffield, wife of George Bennett

Died 4th December 1917

Letters of Administration (London) to Armenia Brumby (wife of Alfred Brumby)

Former grants PR 2nd November 1918


15th November 1935                Admon                                     Effects £122/ 18s

Arthur Heathcote Bennett, of 21 Brook Road, Rotherham

Died 22nd October 1935

Letters of Administration (London) to Elizabeth Ann Bennett, widow


11th February 1935                  Will                                          Effects £331/ 14/ 11d

Clara Esther Sarah Thornton Bennett, of Rockley House, Mowson Lane, Worrall, Oughtibridge, Sheffield

Died 5th January 1935

Probate (Wakefield) to Annie Blanche Morris (wife of Arthur Morris)


27th October 1936                   Will                                          Effects £1,941/ 0/ 7d

Frederick Bennett, of 32 Melville Road, Carbrook, Sheffield

Died 23rd September 1936, at the Infirmary, Sheffield

Probate (Lincoln) to Thomas Henry Bennett, fish saloon proprietor, and Albert Bennett, local government officer


9th September 1936                  Will                                          Effects £249/ 14/ 3d

Hannah Mary Bennett, of 135 South View Road, Sheffield, widow

Died 10th August 1936

Probate (Wakefield) to Arthur Benjamin Griffiths, city treasurer, and William Chumbley Bennett, spring knife cutler


3rd December 1936                  Admon                                     Effects £528/ 12/ 7d

Lucilla Bennett, of 17 Middlewood Road North, Oughtibridge, Sheffield

Died 27th October 1936

Letters of Administration (London) to Edith Annie Atkinson (wife of Albert Edward Atkinson)


3rd February 1936                    Will                Effects £8,065/ 0/ 7d  /   Resworn £7,622/ 0/7d

Oliver Moore Bennett, of 172 Whitham Road, Sheffield

Died 24th July 1935

Probate (London) to Frank Joseph Kershaw, solicitor, and Guy Smith, chartered accountant


28th December 1936                Will                                          Effects £1,177/ 4/ 6d

Stephen Bennett, of 186 High Street, Worsborough Dale, nr Barnsley, Sheffield

Died 27th November 1936

Probate (London) to Effieldepha Ann Bennett, widow


28th March 1936                      Admon                                     Effects £46/ 6/ 3d

Walter Bennett, of 60 Montfort Street, Sheffield

Died 23rd March 1930

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Elizabeth Bennett, widow


3rd July 1936                            Will             Effects £1,176/ 11/ 5d  /  Resworn £1,042/ 11/5d

William Bennett, of Mornington House, Creswick Lane, Grenoside, nr Sheffield

Died 2nd June 1936

Probate (London) to Alexander George Bennett, wholesale fish merchant


4th November 1937                  Will                                          Effects £1,331/ 0/ 7d

George Cutts Bennett, of 20 Argyle Street, Mexborough, Yorks

Died 2nd August 1937

Probate (Wakefield) to Edward Makin and Edward Hamer Bennett, commercial travellers


13th September 1937                Admon                                     Effects £198/ 2/ 4d

George Stephen Bennett, of 5 Railway Cottages, Wrangbrook, South Emsall, Yorkshire

Died 17th August 1937

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Mary Jane Bennett, widow


26th May 1937                         Will          Effects £1,857/ 2/ 3d  /  Resworn £1,907/ 2/ 3d

Mary Bennett, of 6 Wall Street, Barnsley, widow

Died 11th April 1937, at the Beckett Hospital, Barnsley

Probate (Wakefield) to Robert Bennett, iron founder, and Samuel Bennett, railway fireman


6th August 1937                        Will                                          Effects £1,907/ 2/ 3d

Patrick Bennett, of 641 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield

Died 16th April 1937, at Ashdell, Sheffield

Probate (Wakefield) to Wm Bennett, surgeon, and Alfred Edward Barnes, bachelor of medicine


30th November 1938                Will                                          Effects £469/ 19s

George Henry Bennett, of 13 South Street, Greasborough, Rotherham

Died 23rd October 1938

Probate (Wakefield) to the Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd


11th March 1938                      Admon                                     Effects £502/ 2/ 6d

Henry Crossland Bennett, of 28 Follett Road, Shiregreen, Sheffield

Died 24th January 1938, at 2 Herries Road, Sheffield (hospital of the Workhouse)

Letters of Administration (London) to Fanny Maud Bennett, widow


17th March 1938                      Will                                          Effects £4,576/ 0/ 8d

Lilian Bennett, of Fern Lea, Brunswick Road, Rotherham

Died 14th February 1938

Probate (London) to Mabel Annie Cooper (wife of Charles Watson Cooper)


5th May 1939                           Admon                                     Effects £191/ 19/ 7d

Annie Bennett, of 95 Highstone Road, Worsborough Common, Barnsley, widow

Died 27th March 1939, at Beckett Hospital, Barnsley

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Walter Bennett, haulage contractor


7th December 1939                  Will                                          Effects £9,360/ 12/ 6d

Benjamin Bennett, of Danecourt Lisle Road, Rotherham

Died 9th October 1939, at Sandygate Lodge, Sheffield

Probate (London) to Barbara Bennett, spinster


1st April 1940                           Admon                                     Effects £271/ 7/ 2d

Agnes Harriet Bennett, otherwise Agnes Bennett, of 57 Eldon St North, Barnsley

Died 16th January 1940 (wife of John Kemp Bennett)

Letters of Administration (London) to the Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd


9th May 1940                           Admon                                     Effects £109/ 5/ 5d

Arthur Bennett, of 2 Sutherland Road, Sheffield

Died 2nd February 1940

Letters of Administration (London) to Harry Bennett, steel smelter


15th March 1940                      Will                                          Effects £4,996/ 6/ 1d

David Bennett, of 34 Gawber Road, Barnsley

Died 14th January 1940

Probate (Wakefield) to Lucy Harris (wife of Clement Harris), and Herbert Ibbotson, solicitor


4th May 1940                           Admon                                     Effects £474/ 17s

Francis Edward Bennett, of 68 Bellefield Street, Sheffield

Died 15th March 1940

Letters of Administration (London) to Emma Bennett, widow


9th October 1940                     Admon                                 Effects £492/ 9/ 3d

James Bennett, of 6 Queen Street, Chapeltown, Sheffield

Died 22nd July 1940

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Mary Harriet Bennett, widow


25th January 1940                     Will                                          Effects £940/ 7/ 4d

Ruth Lavinia Bennett, of Kimberworth Road, Rotherham, spinster

Died 29th May 1939, at 3 Batcliffe Drive, St Chadsdrive, Leeds

Probate (Wakefield) to George Theseus Sugden, retired mason, and Jessie Elizabeth Pollard, spinster


6th April 1941                           Admon                                     Effects £1,546/ 16/ 5d

Amy Bennett, of 274 Staniforth Road, Sheffield, widow

Died 16th December 1940

Letters of Administration (Llandudno) to Lilian Birkett (wife of Ernest Birkett)


27th September 1941                Admon (with Will)                    Effects (275/ 2/ 9d

Fred Bennett, of 64 Barnsley Road, Wath-upon-Dearne, nr Rotherham

Died 24th July 1941

Letters of Administration (limited)(Llandudno) to Roland Bennett, analytical chemist


23rd August 1941                      Admon                                 Effects £143/ 4/ 5d

Willis Bennett, of 128 Firvale, Harthill, nr Sheffield

Died 12th May 1941, at Crossgate Hospital, Rotherham

Letters of Administration (Wakefield) to Robert Bennett, head colliery banksman


17th November 1942                Admon                                     Effects £279/ 6/ 8d

Mary Elizabeth Bennett, of 10 Beechwod Road, Rotherham

Died 2nd October 1942 (wife of Adam Bennett)

Letters of Administration (Llandudno) to the said Adam Bennett, trade union general secretary


15th June 1943                         Admon                                 Effects £389/ 8/ 1d

Ernest Bennett, of 66 Fraser Road, Woodseats, Sheffield

Died 1st November 1942

Letters of Administration (Llandudno) to Marion Matilda Bennett, widow


16th April 1943                         Admon                                     Effects £622/ 0/ 1d

Sterndale Bennett, of 65 Bellhouse Road, Sheffield

Died 26th February 1943

Letters of Administration (Llandudno) to Ethel Bennett, widow

[Courtesy of: Kevin Bennett]

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