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Famous Sheffield Personalities

Joe Cocker
One of the truly great rock voices of all time born in Sheffield, England on May 20, 1944, the youngest son of a civil servant.

Sebastian Coe
Born in West London, but was brought up in Sheffield attending Tapton and Abbeydale Grange schools.

Jimmy Jewel
Jimmy Jewel born in Sheffield 1906. Comedic duo of Jewel & Warris.

Michael Palin
Versatile comedian/actor born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, 5, May 1943.  Attended Birkdale School, Sheffield.

Joe Scarborough
Born in Pitsmoor, Sheffield in 1938, the artist has created from his own experiences and background a wealth of everyday "real" images of the life and people of South Yorkshire.

Helen Sharman
Born in Sheffield she was the first Briton in space, and the first non-Soviet, non-American woman in space.

Ben Warris
Ben Warris born in Sheffield 1909. Comedic duo of Jewel & Warris.

William Henry 'Harry' Wright (1835 - 1895)          
Born in Sheffield, England in 1835, the first son of professional cricketer Samuel Wright, "Harry" was not yet three when the family emigrated to the U.S. where he became a professional baseball player, manager, and developer. He assembled, managed, and played center field for baseball's first fully professional team, the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings. There he is credited with introduction of backing up plays in the outfield and shifting defensive alignments based on hitters' tendencies. He is in the Baseball Hall of Fame classified as a manager, a role that he virtually defined.

Famous Residents of Sheffield
This is a list of notable people who were born in or near, or have been residents of the City of Sheffield.

Famous People from Yorkshire
This is a list of Yorkshire people.  Yorkshire is the largest county in England and has contributed many famous names to all walks of life.

Yorkshire Women of the Century
Searchable database for Yorkshire Women of the Century.

Musicians From Sheffield
Music made in, about, or influenced by the city of Sheffield and the people who made it.

Folk Tales, Ghost Stories & Legends            
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to Local Folk Tales, Ghost Stories and Legends including; Robin Hood, Charles Peace, Spence Broughton, Spring Heeled Jack and more.



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