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Sheffield Indexers, Trade Directories
Online searchable database includes; 1787 Gales & Martin Directory of Sheffield, 1791 Universal British Directory, 1825 Gell's Directory of Sheffield, 1828 to 1829 Pigot's Commercial Directory, 1833 White's History & Directory of Sheffield, 1837 White's History & Directory of Sheffield & Rothham, 1841 Henry & Thos. Rodgers Sheffield & Rotherham Directory, 1846 Slater's Directory of Sheffield, 1852 White's Gazetteer & General Directory of Sheffield, 1862 Drake's Directory of Rotherham & District, 1871 White's Directory of Sheffield & District, 1911 White's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham, 1929 Kind Hearted Brigade Members, 1866-1934 Sheffield Anglican Clergy.

Sheffield Directories at Archive.Org

Searchable online record database for Sheffield including 1825-26 Pigots, 1828 Blackwells, 1837 Whites Directory of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1845 Whites Directory of Sheffield, 1857 Francis White Directory of Derby inc Sheffield. Please note that these searchable directories are NOT included in the Sheffield Indexers Database.

Sheffield Anglican Clergy Records
Searchable online record database for Sheffield Anglican Clergy including records from;  Odom, William (1917) Fifty Years of Sheffield Church Life 1866-1916; Odom William  (1922) Memorials of Sheffield: Its Cathedral and Parish Churches; Sheffield Local Register; White’s 1919/20 Directory of Sheffield and Sheffield Diocesan Calendar 1934. Courtesy of Hugh Waterhouse.

Historical Directories - University of Leicester
Digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales, from 1750 to 1919.  Directions: Click on 'Find by Keywords'. Select 'Yorkshire' and type in 'Sheffield.  There are currently 51 directories for Yorkshire. Future projects to provide at least one directory, for each segment on depicted on the geographical map, for each of the following decades: 1850's, 1890's, 1910's.

Genuki, Trade Directories
Online lists of professions and trades includes; 1822 Baine's Directory and Gazetteer Directory, 1829 Pigot's Directory, 1834 Pigot's Directory.

Sheffield City Council - Directories
Trade directories were issued from the mid 18th century until around 1945. They were commercial ventures which reflected the business and interests of their compilers.

Sheffield City Council - Electoral Rolls
Sometimes known as Burgess Rolls, in essence, electoral rolls are lists of people that are entitled to vote. Pre-1832 the vote was reserved for owners and occupiers of valuable property. Even after reforms of 1832 and 1835 few working men and no women could vote. (Up to 1867 therefore directories are a better source for the family historian.)  The Local Studies Library holds electoral rolls for Sheffield from 1840, many only available on microfiche.
Online searchable records including; Ships Passenger Lists Leaving UK - 1890-1919 now available, Births, Marriages and Deaths, Census Records, Military Records, Migration Records, Occupations & Directories, Living Relatives. Terms and conditions may apply.

Recent Rellies in Sheffield          
Sheffield Indexers links to locating relatives still living in Sheffield including current online Phone Residential and Business Directories, Electoral Rolls, MapQuest and more.

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Master Cutlers, Mayors and Lord Mayors of Sheffield
When the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire was incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1624, the local cutlery industry in Sheffield was already over three centuries old.  Sheffield Indexers provides a list of Cutlers and Mayors from 1624 to 1950. See
 the website of the Company of Cutlers Also includes links to a description of Little Mesters, Cutlery and Cutlers of Sheffield - by Eric Youle, The Silver Trade in Sheffield and more.

List of Apprentices & Freemen - Eric Youle         
The earliest book containing the enrolments of indentures is retrospective to the extent of recording apprentices bound prior to 1624 under the Cutler's Jury regulations, whose term of service was still running when the Company was incorporated. Thee Freedoms granted are supplementary to the Cutlers admitted under the Act of Parliament.

Sheffield Steelworks
SHEFFIELD WAS A CUTLERY TOWN long before it became Steel City. The first documentary reference to a Sheffield Cutler comes from 1297, but steel was not made there until just after 1700. The town was known as a smoky centre of industry long before the first steel furnace was erected.  Also includes link to The Hawley Collection.

Ironworks & Steelworks in England         
Wikipedia information on Ironworks and Steelworks in England including; Hadfields Steel Foundry Co. Ltd. known as East Hecla Works, Jessop Saville and Company or William Jessop & Sons and Samuel Osborn and Company to name a few.

Coal Mining History
The National Coal Mining Museum for England and Coal Mining & Railways in the North East.

Historical Clocks & Watches          
Details of British & Irish Clock and Watch Makers - These pages are a digest of information found mentioned in their extensive library of books and magazines. Trade Directories Lists including a list of Clockmakers, Watchmakers and Jewellers that appear in some Trade Directories. Jewellers names are included as they often appear on clocks and watches that they have sold. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Understanding the Industrial Revolution
Website of biographies of the UK inventors, engineers, statesmen and reformers including stories of ordinary people upon whom Britain's industrial success was founded. See also their Who was Who historical index of people who made names for themselves during the industrial revolution. 

Occupations of the UK and Ireland         
Genuki list of links to information relating to the trades and occupations of workers in the UK and Ireland.

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Trade Union Ancestors
Find out more about your family history in the trade union movement of the 19th and 20th centuries. This website aims to help family historians to identify the correct union, to discover the role their ancestor played in it, and to find out more about trade union history.  See also Wikipedia list of Trade Unions of the UK.

Chartist Ancestors Trade Unions
Chartism and the trade union movement - The history of modern trade unionism tends to leap from the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs in the early 1830s to the first meeting of the Trades Union Congress in 1868.

History of the N.U.M. - Sheffield
Under conditions where children as young as four had to face a seventeen-hour day and a six-day week working underground, the District Unions (forerunners of the Miners’ Federation of Great Britain and the National Union of Mineworkers) were established to protect the interests and the lives of miners.  In the pits of Sheffield there was concerted action in 1792 when colliers employed by the Duke of Norfolk refused to work until their wages were raised. There are many examples of miners’ secret organisations taking industrial action See also more mining references in the UK and Trade Unions of the UK.

Sheffield Fire & Police Museum
Museum opens July 1st, 2007. In September 1900 the building was opened as a Police & Fire station and was one of the UK's First purpose built stations. In 1929, the Fire Service moved to Rockingham Street. The Museum is now one of the World's Largest Fire & Police Museums and its tower is the only still standing Fire Service Tower in the UK. 

Science and Society (Photos)
Science & Society Picture Library represents the collections of the Science Museum, the National Railway Museum and the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television - as well as a variety of Trade related collections. They now have over 150 image collections from both within and outside the museums' core collections. These contain over 70,000 online records, including over 40,000 digital images.

UK & Ireland Occupations - GENUKI          
Extensive collection of informative links to miscellaneous UK and Ireland occupations including; Agriculture, Apprentices, Blacksmiths, Canal People, Court Officials, Criminals, Customs Excise & Coastguard, Engineers, Inns, Hotels and Pubs, Inventors, Lawyers, Manufacturers, Maritime, Medical, Merchants, Miners, Missionaries, Musicians, Photographers, Police, Postal Workers, Railwaymen, Servants, Travelers Gypsies and Pedlars etc., Theatre and Circus and miscellaneous Trade Unions.

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Mappin & Webb
Well renowned company, one of the UK's leading retailers of fine jewelry and silverware established in 1774 in a small silversmith workshop in Sheffield by Jonathan Mappin.

Cole Brothers / John Lewis
John Lewis department store, a Sheffield landmark and still known to many of its customers as Cole Brothers, has a proud heritage dating back to 1847.

John Banner's Department Store 
John Banner opened his first shop in 1873. The big one (Attercliffe Rd) we knew and loved was built between 1927 and 1933.  See photo.

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Trade Marks/Makers Marks
Sheffield Indexers collection of links relating to Assessments, Makers Marks on Steel, Stainless Steel, Silver and more.

Old Medical Terms
This is a collection of old medical terms and their modern definitions from the 19th Century and earlier.

Old Occupation Names
Descriptions of occupations.  See also
Occupations of the UK and Ireland.

Elizabethan Online Dictionary          
Some interesting facts and information about Life can be found in the Elizabethan Online Dictionary. Forgotten words, lost in the passage of time can be found in this free online Dictionary. If you are reading the works of William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe or any other famous authors you will definitely find words that you will not know the meaning of! This free Elizabethan online dictionary provides a fascinating insight into the origins and meanings words contained in the plays of William Shakespeare.


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