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Jails, Prisoners, Executions

Reminiscences of Sheffield - Town Hall Prison

R.E. Leader describes Sheffield's Old Church, Churchyard and Townhall with mentions of the Charity Schools on St James Row and Sheffield Town Hall Prison.  See additional Sheffield Local History information on Eric Youle's main site.

Sheffield Fire & Police Museum
Museum opens July 1st, 2007. In September 1900 the building was opened as a Police & Fire station and was one of the UK's First purpose built stations. In 1929, the Fire Service moved to Rockingham Street. The Museum is now one of the World's Largest Fire & Police Museums and its tower is the only still standing Fire Service Tower in the UK. For another description see also more...

Sheffield Flying Squad & The Sheffield Gang Wars
In the great slump after the end of the First World War, few cities in England fared worse than Sheffield. More than half the adult male population was unemployed. In the appalling Victorian slums, families lived near to starvation levels. They depended on the few shillings a week doled out by the Local Board of Guardians. Petty crime was low, but this was hardly surprising as there was virtually nothing to steal. Even drunkenness was down, because men could not afford to drink as they had when times were good. The main problem for the police was illegal betting. Street bookies were thriving as men wagered what little cash they had. Sheffield City Force launched a very different kind of street crime initiative. It was aimed at the warring gangs infesting the mean streets of what is now the Home Secretary’s Brightside constituency. The methods employed by the city police can only be described as brute force and ignorance, but they produced the desired results. By the time the campaign ended, two men had been hanged, others were serving long sentences, and the gangs had been broken up.

Folk Tales, Ghost Stories & Legends           << MORE
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to Local Folk Tales, Ghost Stories and Legends including; Robin Hood, Charles Peace, Spence Broughton, Spring Heeled Jack and more.

National Archives - Convicts & Prisoners
Sources for convicts and prisoners 1100 to 1986. All those held in prison were known as prisoners, but those sentenced to penal servitude (hard labour) or transportation were known as Convicts.  Records available include; Criminal Registers, Prisons' Records, Prisoner Records, Prisoner Graves and much more.

Black Sheep Ancestors
More information on UK prison records, Outlaw and Criminal Records, Court Records and Executions.

Capital Punishment UK
Complete listing of executions in the UK including Hangings, Prison Histories and more.

Capital Punishment UK - Links
Links to other interesting crime history sites.

UK Historic Serious Crime Index
An A-Z of British serious criminals and their victims compiled by Ian Waugh.

Murder - The Ultimate Crime
UK site with details on hundreds of murders that have been committed over the years worldwide.

A criminology and deviancy theory history timeline including a Table of Statutes and a Common Law for England since 1154. See also The History of Crime in England, 1550-1914 and  a Timeline of Capital Punishment in the UK.

Convicts & the British Colonies
Information on the transportation of convicts to the Australian Penal Colony 1700's - 1800's.

Convicts to Australia
Lists of convict ships, their passengers, conditions and much more.

Ancestry Convicts - Australia           << NEW
Search for your convict ancestors on-line with Ancestry’s comprehensive Convict Transportation Registers. An estimated 22% of present living day Australians have convict ancestors. The records cover the 90 year period from the start of convict deportation to Australia in 1788 to the arrival of the last convict fleet in 1868. Key information provided in the records includes; name, date and place of conviction, term of sentence, name of ship, departure date and colony to which they were sent. Occupation, physical description and religion may also be recorded in some instances.

Convict & Criminal Research           << NEW
One of the current projects is an index of Yorkshire Convicts sentenced to Death and Transportation – 1787-1868: The information for this Index is taken from a number of records both in this country and Australia and will include name, age, offence, date & place of trial, sentence, date of execution (if sentenced to death), name of ship, date of sailing, and destination (if sentenced to transportation). In many cases additional information will be included, such as occupation, prison hulk or prison, native place (may just be county, but in some instance actual place), whether married or single, and any previous convictions.  Project ongoing so you may need to email the site owner for progress.

Emigration, Immigration, Migration            << MORE
Sheffield Indexers extensive list of links to websites for family members who may have Emigrated, Immigrated or Migrated. Includes many links to ships passenger lists, war brides, colonialism and more.  See also additional links pertaining to The British Colonies.

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