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Sheffield Military

Sheffield Local Studies Library          
The Library collects and preserves over 30,000 volumes of printed material relating to Sheffield and the surrounding area including Military History from the Romans to the nuclear age, Regimental histories, Uniforms, badges and insignia, Battlefields, Firearms and weapons, Military transport, Military law and sources of information on how to trace your families military history.

Sheffield Soldiers of the Great War 
Upwards of 50,000 men went from Sheffield to the various ‘Fronts’ during the Great War. The aim of this site is to attempt to record all of those Sheffield men, and women,  who served and died in the Great War, and also to commemorate their memory and their sacrifices. A fantastic resource for Sheffield folk who had relatives that served in the armed forces at that time. 

Hillsborough Barracks, Sheffield
Walled complex of buildings between Langsett Road and Penistone Road in the Hillsborough District of Sheffield.  The complex covers an area of circa 22 acres and dates from 1848 replacing an inadequate barracks at Hillfoot at an estimated cost of 94,000 pounds sterling.  See also online searchable baptism database for the Hillsborough Barracks Military Chapel.

Garrison History, Sheffield
Information on Military Buildings as compiled on the Garrison Hotel website.  The old Guard Room of the Hillsborough Barracks is now the Garrison Hotel and Jailhouse Bar.

Roll of
Site dedicated to those men and women who fell fighting for their country. Photos of the Sheffield Memorial [ 1 , 2 ] and other helpful links to information on prisoners of war, other memorials, etc.

Roll of Honour Sheffield Men
Searchable database of the City of Sheffield Roll of Honour of Sheffield Men who fell or died of wounds in the Great War 1914-1918. Compiled in 1921 by the Town Hall on the authority of the Lord Mayor W. F. Wardley and Town Clerk William E. Hart. Courtesy of Wendy Wood.

Sheffield University Memorial, 1914 - 1918
Roll of Honour located at Sheffield University.

Aircraft and Jets of WWII
The aircraft of World War II were of critical importance in the evolution of jet-powered flight and eventually jet charters. Aeronautical research from both Allied and Axis countries contributed greatly to the technology used for the air charters of today. During World War II, many major battles took place in the skies of Europe and the Pacific. Germany, the United States, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, and the Soviet Union all developed jet aircraft in the hopes of gaining air superiority during the war. While countries such as Great Britain, Germany, and the U.S. all made significant advances in terms of their fighter planes, it was Germany that created the first turbojet aircraft.

Steel For Ships, Planes & Tanks - Sheffield Industry In World War Two

WWII Stories for Sheffield


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Roll of
Site dedicated to those men and women who fell fighting for their country. Photos of the Sheffield Memorial [ 1 , 2 ] and other helpful links to information on prisoners of war, other memorials, etc.

National Archives - Military History
The National Archives has a huge collection of records dealing with Britain's military history. Whatever period you are studying, they will hold documents that reveal strategy, equipment and the experience of those that fought.  Also check out their information on Medals.

The Long Long Trail - Researching a Soldier
The British Army in the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Database listing the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars.

Service Cross Recipients
List of Foreign recipients of the distinguished Service Cross by C. Douglas Sterner.

UK Military (Cyndi's List)
Extensive list to websites for further information on Battles, Battlefields, Military Sites, General Resource Sites, How to Find Old Comrades, Historical Military Conflicts & Events & Much More!  

Canadian Soldiers WWI
Searchable database for Canadian Soldiers in WWI see also searchable database of Canadian Soldiers of the South African War of 1899 to 1902. Including Canadian Expeditionary Force


Wars & Conflicts                                    << Back to Top >>

Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth
Information on military history.

The Cars, Tanks and Planes of WWII
Information on cars, tanks and planes in WWII.

Wars and Conflicts - BBC History
Histories of Britain and the world that have turned on the outcome of invasions, battles and wars.  Explore in depth, conflicts that have brought out the best and the worst in humanity.

Boer Wars
There were two Boer Wars.  The first between 1880 to 1881 and the second between 1899 to 1902.  Both were between the British Empire and the Boer republics, the Orange Free State and the South African Republic (Transvaal Republic), founded by settlers known as Voortrekkers who made the Great Trek from the Cape Colony and were primarily of Dutch, French and German origin.  These settlers were often called Boers and were mainly the descendants of generations of Afrikaans who were living the Eastern Cape frontier.  The ware often called simply the "Boer War" is the Second Boer War.  See Roll of Honour - Boer dedicated to those men and women who fell fighting for their country.  See also Yorkshire Regiment Boer War Memorial.

Boer War - Empire Involvement 
The vast majority of troops fighting for the United Kingdom came from the UK or South Africa. However, in the Second Boer War (South Africa War) a number did come from other parts of the Empire. These countries had their own internal disputes over whether they should remain tied to the United Kingdom, or have full independence, which carried over into the debate over whether they should send forces to assist the United Kingdom. Though not fully independent on foreign affairs, these countries did have local say over how much support to provide, and the manner in which it would be provided. Ultimately, Canada, Australia
 and New Zealand all chose to send volunteers to aid the United Kingdom, but did not send them in sufficient size and speed to be critical to the final outcome. 

The Long Long Trail
The British Army in the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

World War I Casualties
The number of casualties (military and civilian) was over 37 million - over 15 million deaths and 22 million wounded.

Old Front Line Battlefields of WWI
This is a web site dedicated to the history and battlefields of the Great War 1914-1918.

The World at War (WW1)
Also known as 'the war to end all wars.  See also the Commonwealth Allies; Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Wales and the West Indies.

For King and Empire
Canada's soldiers at Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele.

Regiments                                    << Back to Top >>

The Green Howards - Friends of
Discover something of this famous Infantry Regiment, now known as 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards), this site is a good reference for historical information about the regiment and the military in general. Loyally serving the Crown since 1688 - Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment (19th Foot) The North York Militia, The North York Local Militia & North York Rifle Volunteers North Yorkshire and Teesside's Own County Infantry Regiment.

3rd Regiment of Foot
The 3rd Regiment of Foot is one of the oldest infantry regiments in the British Army with a history dating back to 1572. It subsequently became The Buffs (East Kent Regiment).

76th Regiment of Foot
A regiment of the East India Company and the British Army raised for service in India by the East India Company in 1787.

1st the Queen's Dragoon Guards
On accession of King James II to the throne on the 6th February, 1685, the regular army in England consisted of three troops of Life Guards, a regiment of Dragoons, two regiments of Foot Guards and five regiments of Infantry of the Line, which, with the garrison in regular pay amounted to 8,000 men.

British Regiments in Canada
Infantries #I and II Regiments of Foot 1 through 104. Regiments formed as early as 1572.

Historical Regimental Art Prints
Regimental Art Prints, brings you Historical Military art prints from Military History of the British Regiments. All Regiments including Amalgamated Regiments and Yeomanry Regiments are shown in a list.

National Archives - Medals
The National Archives information on Medals.  They also have a huge collection of records dealing with Britain's Military History. Whatever period you are studying, they will hold documents that reveal strategy, equipment and the experience of those that fought.

Museums & Monuments                                    << Back to Top >>

Imperial War Museum North 
One of the most talked about Museums in Britain today located in Manchester.

South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum         
Forrmer site of WWII RAF Doncaster. Exhibits include: Sheffield Blitz Exhibition, Military Aircraft collection from propeller training aircraft to Mach 2 Jet fighters, Historic 60 year old RAF buildings including Bellman aircraft hangar and authentic wooden RAF huts, Helicopter Collection Piston Engine Collection including Rolls Royce Merlin and Griffon, Jet Engine Collection including DeHavilland Ghost and Rolls Royce Avon and Conway and much more.

24 Hour Museum - Sheffield
Information on Sheffield Industry in WWII - VE Day 60 Years - Steel for ships, planes and tanks.

Roll of
Site dedicated to those men and women who fell fighting for their country. Photos of the Sheffield Memorial [ 1 , 2 ] and other helpful links to information on prisoners of war, other memorials, etc.

UK National Inventory of War Memorials
Searchable records of war memorials commemorating all wars located throughout the United Kingdom. Ranging from familiar community crosses and statues to less common memorials like bus shelters, sundials, park benches and even an island.

Aukland War Memorial Museum
Opened in 1929 to commemorate the monumental loss of New Zealand men and women during World War 1. Almost a third of the 18,166 New Zealanders who died as a result of World War 1 have no known graves, buried half a world away from their grieving families.

Australians at War
Australia War Memorial commemorating their involvement in the two world wars and the Cold War conflicts in Korea, Southeast Asia and more recently in Peacekeeping and Post–Cold War operations.

The India Gate
Situated on the Rajpath in New Delhi, originally called the All India War Memorial, is a monument built to commemorate the Indian soldiers who died in WWI and the Afghan Wars.  See also Indian Cemeteries.

South African Military Museum
Situated in Johannesburg in the Province of Gauteng and is the only museum of its kind in South Africa. It provides a nucleus of Museum and military history expertise in southern Africa.

Canadian National War Memorial
Designed originally to commemorate the 60,000 Canadians who died in the First World War, the National War Memorial in Confederation Square has since come to commemorate all of Canada's war dead. See also the Canadian Phalanx.

Canadian Military Heritage Project
This site is dedicated to presenting Canadian military history.  Extensive information on the wars, uprisings and conflicts in which Canadians participated.

Lest We Forget
Sheffield Indexers' collection of photos from various memorials for British and Commonwealth soldiers.


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